Sunday, July 22, 2007

Exclusive Interview With Swamburger from Epitaph/Anti artists Sol.Illaquists of Sound

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Swamburger from Sol.Illaquists of Sound at his shop the Culture Mart of Magnolia Downtown Orlando, Florida. I also had the pleasure of being at their sold out concert at the Social in downtown Orlando Saturday night. Swam is a man of many words and has done great things for his band and this community. He has been a part of our skate, hip-hop and art scenes in Orlando and has been a big reason for our growth and development. We had a great discussion on our community, Rock For Hunger, the impact of his music and art and where he sees our community now and where he thinks its going and what it needs to survive and become the city we all know it can.

Musicians of all kinds should take notes of what he has to say. Sol.Illaquists of Sound has toured the country numerous times and continues to build and amazing reputation from their live show to their marketing to their message. Please take a watch and be sure to catch S.o.S. in a city near you real soon!

Be sure to hit up the Sol.Illaquists of Sound myspace page and say what up and keep up to date on what they are doing.

Also check out Rock For Hunger for updates on all of our shows, events and news on our 2nd Annual Rock For Hunger Festival November 9-11th at the Backbooth. Be ready for Hip-Hop 4 Hunger presented by G-RO next Thursday Aug. 2nd with the AB's (formerly Asamov) at the AKA Lounge. Get advance tix at the top of this page!


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