Friday, February 12, 2010

New Music Economy Webinar Monday, February 15

Hey all,

Just wanted to drop a quick note to say that on Monday night, February 15th, I will be hosting a webinar on the New Music Economy - an Internet Marketing approach for musicians. This is some really cool brand new material that I think is going to help a lot of musicians.

You can go ahead and pre-register now as I am expecting the lines to fill up pretty quickly.

There is going to be some information on list building, where the money is coming from and how to create products that your fans actually want to buy from you.

Grab a seat now and I'll see you on Monday!


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

SEO Made Simple - Teleseminar Thursday

On Thursday night, December 10th, I will be co-hosting a very cool SEO Teleseminar with the author of the number 1 SEO book on Amazon (SEO Made Simple), Michael Fleishner.

Michael is a marketing expert with more than 13 years of hands-on marketing experience. He has been featured on the TODAY Show, Bloomberg Radio and other major media outlets.

He also holds the number 1 spot for marketing blog on Google.

On the call we will be going over:

  • Why on page optimization matters now more than EVER on your site or blog!
  • How Video is not just for cats and musicians and how EFFECTIVE videos can have Google sending you more traffic than your servers can handle!!
  • Why YOU may be wasting your time creating Social Networking profiles and how to tell if Google is counting your links!!!
  • How to take YOUR BRAND NEW SITE and get results at a FIRE pace even when playing with keywords and niches that have hype competition!!!!
The call is free and will be packed with tons of content and value that you can add to your brand, your site and your business instantly.

If you register for the call we will send you a recorded version of the call (an MP3) as our way of saying thanks and so that you can take the material and put it into action.

I am really excited for this and I hope you can make it!


Disclaimer - The link to buy Michael's book is an affiliate link. I will receive beer money if you decide to put it into Amazon's shopping cart after clicking on the link.

If you want to check out Michael's book immediately, members of the Rock Star Business Series have a free chapter in the Backstage Pass area.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Rock Star Business Series is Live For Less Than a Burrito

This morning we opened the door to the new Rock Star Business Series. Essentially it is a training platform for young entrepreneurs to learn online tools and how to apply them to their brand and their business. It costs less than a burrito to get started.

Here is a video I shot with Ryan Browne, a student in the first round of the Rock Star Series

So, this is not the sales pitch, if you want that, head on over to the Sales Page.

I did want to say that I am extremely happy with the effort and the value we have been able to provide to this next group of young entrepreneurs. We have lowered the cost and improved the value. There is no better feeling than getting an email that says your training has helped them do something cool.

If you are a young entrepreneur and want to join this group of young entrepreneurs, go check out the sales page. I think you are going to love it.

Other Notes and Tidbits
I'll be in Atlanta this weekend for those that want to catch up. Looking forward to another marketing conference, the SEC Championship and seeing some old friends.

This Thanksgiving we spent the better half of the morning with our homeless friends in Orlando. The event was moving and really brings out the best in people. Check out the full wrap up on the Rock For Hunger Blog.

Thanksgiving Breakfast for the Homeless in Orlando, FLHave a great week.


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lots of Cool Stuff For Young Business People

The Rock Star Business Series is gearing to open up to new members and this time it's bigger than ever. I can't reveal all the intricacies of what the members are going to get, but I can get you excited to get some cool free stuff while we prepare to do the biggest launch the Gen-Y niche has ever seen.

Right now, Matt has a short little video about wasting time and a Blatant Opt-in Box where you can get to the super secret backstage page.

Yea, we're bribing you to get cool stuff. I think its pretty fair. Right now you can get your hands on an SEO report, social media time wasters to avoid and a video that may change the way you learn stuff.

More info to come soon, but for now, I'd love it if you signup and get involved. There has never been a better time to start a business or build a brand.

Gen-Y is beyond educated, ambitious and really cares about what they do for a living. You have so many advantageous, but you need to take some action.

Anyway, have a great week. I'll still be enjoying the warn Florida weather, wake skating at the lake (still the worst wake skater I know) and working with tons of young people to get off the XBox and into someone they love doing.


Friday, October 23, 2009

Label 2.0 Integrates With ReverbNation

Just wanted to pass this along as it is big news for us. Label 2.0, the Interactive Internet Music Marketing Community, has partnered with ReverbNation to deliver some great free training for ReverbNation members.

The full press release can be found over at Gen-Y Rock Stars along with other music marketing tips and articles.

Below is a screencast showing the integration inside of ReverbNation and the chapters we have provided to their members.

Thanks for coming along for the journey and for my non-music people, the Rock Star Business Series Version 2.0 is coming along nicely and we should be opening it up to a great group of young entrepreneurs soon!

See you all later!


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Under 30 Rock Star Business Series

I wanted to pass this along to you guys as the opportunity to get in on the biggest training series that I have ever offered is quickly coming to a close. I have teamed up with the guys from Under 30 CEO for a 4 week intense bootcamp on putting together an online brand through Social Media, SEO and Internet Marketing. It is geared towards young professionals, but we have people of all ages and backgrounds involved. We are offering only 200 seats and most of those are gone at this point.

Here is some of what is going down:

  • 4 Live Interactive Training Sessions
  • Week 1 – September 14th – Creating Your Voice With a Blog
  • Week 2 – September 21st – Creating Your Presence with Social Media
  • Week 3 – September 28th – Rock Star SEO and Internet Marketing
  • Week 4 – Advanced Strategies to Blow Your Brand Up Online
  • Unlimited Q&A after every session
  • Private Members Forum
  • Secret Twitter HashTag
  • Access to the training 24/7/365 a Day After We Go Over It Live
  • Limited to the 1st 200 Serious Young Professionals
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
Here is a quick video on what my role is in the training:

So there you have it, a nice solicitation to join me in a very cool course. If you have any questions, please email me at and I will do my best to steer you in the right direction.

Thanks guys.

Sign up for the Under 30 Rock Star Course Here.


Monday, August 24, 2009

Traveling Man Updates from ASE + Cure For The Run

It has been a busy few weeks here and I wanted to write down some updates and throw up some pictures to track this Rock Star Life of mine!

Label 2.0 has officially launched and we have over 20 members at this point. We have an amazing partner that I can officially announce soon that is going to help build this business into the music marketing platform that I always wanted it to be. With that said, here is how things are progressing.

We went live the first week of August very quietly, with a blog post and an email to my mailing list and the people that were on our early bird list. We had our first signup within 2 hours. What a relief that was. Now we are smooth sailing with new modules, live calls and training as well as refining the sales page and marketing strategies (which could have been stronger from the start, but we live and we learn).

Next up was a wild trip to Jersey, NYC and Philly.

I got to see the Statue of Liberty for the 1st time as well as hanging out with J-Ro around the city.

(at the Statue of Liberty on a nice afteroon cruise)

(at Rockerfeller Center)

Affiliate Summit was a blast, thanks to Missy Ward for hooking me up and giving me an opportunity to meet some amazing people and learn some really cool stuff to apply to my business.

Clickbooth was the crew I was partying it up with as Eric Schechter invited me to their bloggers dinner and Beer Pong Party. It was a great event and ever better that I got to take home $500 from taking 1st place.

(Clickboth Blogger Dinner)

I met some superstar bloggers from John Chow to Chris Brogan and Julien Smith (go get their book Trust Agents which I think goes on sale today).

(John Chow and Eric after the Clickbooth Contest drawing - I was the film guy)

(Chris Brogan, Julien Smith and I at ASE09)

After New York it was on to Philly for a wedding and reconnecting with old friends. We had a blast.

The week back saw no slowing down as SomaCow and Rock For Hunger teamed up for the Cure For The Run. Through the event we were able to raise over $3,000 to combat poverty and homelessness in the Downtown Orlando area and had a great time in the process. You can read a wrap up post over on the Rock For Hunger Blog.

(Jen from SomaCow and I at Cure For the Run)

If you are looking for the thoughtful marketing and Gen-Y posts that used to take up space here, they can now be found at Rock Star Lifestyle Design. This site will primarily be used to keep up with my Rock Star Life and all the things I am up to as I try to save the world.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Quick Update

This blog has been pretty dormant lately and with good reason! Things have been progressing nicely with some projects, new sites and opportunities. Here is the quick lowdown:

RockStarLifestyleDesign - This is a new site that I launched quietly about a month ago geared towards helping 20somethings focus on their life outlook as well as some Internet Marketing techniques and a weekly section on Rock Star Recipes.

Gen-Y Rock Stars - I have been trying to get back into the music game for a little while now and have been fading in and out for the past 2 years or so. It seems that fate took a turn for me and I will be fully embracing the music world again and I couldn't be happier. Gen-Y Rock Stars will be getting a makeover, some new tools and a much needed content facelift with a focus on actual artist accomplishments, interviews and more tactic and tip focused as opposed to reviewing companies.

Oh and Label 2.0 is going to launch now on August 1st. It is going to be a soft launch and is going to be a life changer for me and for those that get in on the ground level. Sign up here.

Intern Opportunity - If you know anyone in the Orlando area that is looking for a fall internship opportunity, I am looking for someone for around 10 hours a week to interview bands, shoot videos and all that good stuff. It's a pretty tough job, but someone has to do it. Shoot me an email to for all those interested. (There will be a monthly stipend and bonus opportunities)

Writing Streak - I have been writing a lot lately for some pretty cool and high profile sites. Here are some links to check out. I want to thank the authors/blog owners for letting me tell my tale on their sites.

Blue Collar Personal Branding - The Personal Branding Blog
How to Surf on Tuesday and Save the World Thursday - Free Pursuits
Lifestyle Design Tips That Rock Stars Can Teach You - Workshifting
Connecting with Bloggers Outside the Music Niche - Audiolife

Was also featured in Jun Loayza's Mashable post on business models for our work on Label 2.0.
Save the World Stuff - Rock For Hunger has been nothing short of phenomenal and busy! We hosted the iRock For Hunger Auditions at Backbooth on July 12 and 14 where we were able to raise over $1,000, get a ton of canned food and get back into the local music scene. The next festival meeting is next week for those that want to gt involved in the 4th Annual Extravaganza. Email me at for more info and an invite.

We are also working with SomaCow for the 1st ever Cure for the Run, a 0.05k downtown on Wall Street, Satursday August 22nd at 4pm. Get more info and register here.

We are also in the middle of a site redesign and anyone willing to give some time to help us out, please email me - We have some great ideas to be even more efficient and get information to volunteers, donors and resources for the homeless in Orlando.

Affilliate Summit East - This is something that I am really excited about! I am heading to NYC August 8th for the largest affiliate marketing gathering there is. If you are going to be there, please say hello and any other New Yorkers are urged to say hello and meetup! You can still register for Affiliate Summit here before it sells out.

And it don't stop! If you are looking for my insightful stuff, you might want to switch the feed over to Rock Star Lifestyle Design, which is housing some great conversations from Social Change Rock Stars to Where $20,000 can be spent better than on college.

If you like knowing whatis going on in my Rock Star Life, than stick around. I promise some better posts and cooler stuff.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Advertisement: Try Affiliate Marketing and Play on an Island

In the recent weeks I have been playing with and testing new means to make some residual income online. The majority of this has come from affiliate marketing. Whether information products, lead acquisition or physical products, the tests have been interesting, intense and promising. While I am not quite ready to release the test numbers, still have some payment wait times and stats to consider before seeing what I am going to focus on and put efforts into full steam, I did want to let you know about a really cool way to get involved in affiliate marketing.

Eric from Clickbooth wanted me to share this awesome contest to jump head first into their CPA Network. I feel very strongly about the product they offer and are one of the networks for my initial test. They have a cool staff and are really adamant about making their affiliates happy and informed. Here is the info:

Sign up for Clickbooth here
and use the sign up code MAKEOVER in the comments portion of the application. Start promoting any of the offers on this page. For every lead you essentially get a point. At the end of the contest trade your points in at the following levels and win the corresponding prizes:

While the week on the island looks nice, I wouldn't complain about the commissions plus the HP Mini Laptop. 500 shouldn't be a terribly hard number to reach if you put some work and creativity into your promotions.

If you are thinking of starting an online income, affiliate marketing needs to be part of your process. It may not be with Clickbooth, but at some point you are going to need to look at using it as part of your monetization strategy. Anyway, hope you try it out, and if you don't, I should be back next week with some cool posts and updates.

If you want some meaty posts, check out the still in pre-launch Rock Star Lifesrtyle Design, which will replace this site as the means of my writing pretty soon. Two cool articles to check out include

Have a great 4th and if you have a few free seconds, check out Clickbooth here.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Video - Advanced Google Options for Personal Branding

As part of our super secret new site launch, we have created a really cool series of videos on technology and its impact on branding, building your business and creating your character. Today is the first video we are releasing to showcase some of the powers that are now in your hand. This video is all about the Google and how recent changes in its search results can impact your online brand and how people get information about you, your company or your brand online.

And here is that mean opt in form to join the 3 Days - 3 Actions Video Series I mention at the end. It's a really cool series where I think you are going to not only learn a lot, but also take the knowledge and put it into action to help propel your brand or company.

If you would like a sneak peak at, you can check it out here. A full post on what is going on will come soon. You can also learn about that 3 Days - 3 Videos series by clicking this blatant link to it here.

Please leave some feedback on both the video and the new site. I know there is some recycled content on there, we wanted to put some of the best posts from here over there as well as test out some of the formatting. Original stuff is coming soon, promise.


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