Tuesday, July 24, 2007

INDISTR- A New Independent Distribution Service Allows Musicians and Bands To Sell Their Music Through PayPal

INDISTR is a great new site gaining some steam with indie musicians. If you are looking to quickly upload your tracks and have them available for download as either individual tracks or as an online album, they can do it for you. The best part about INDISTR is that there is NO set-up cost! Just create your profile, start uploading and start selling.

Some quick facts about INDISTR

-Songs need to be in MP3 format
-Artists keep 75% of the sale
-The money goes directly and instantly to your PayPal account
-Set your own prices for digital albums (100 songs for $5, sure or 5 songs for $100, no problem
-Individual tracks are $1.00 (sorry no negotiating on this one)
-Your agreement is non-exclusive (means you can still use iTunes, etc)
-You can create your own INDISTR page that fans can come to and buy your music
-You can place a link on your outside site (myspace, facebook, blog, etc)to the INDISTR page
-At the moment they do not have a widget in place where you can buy music directly from your myspace, blog, etc but I have messaged them about this and hopefully they will soon as that seems to be a huge selling point to musicians!

Here's their sign-up process directly from INDISTR: "Signing up with us is easy – honestly, it really is. Simply click the ‘Login/Sign-up’ link in the top navigation menu. You’ll need to first fill out a general account form, and then you’ll be given the option to become a seller. Simply agree to our terms, tell us a bit about your band, upload an artist photo, give us your PayPal address so we can pay you, and start uploading music! You could be signed-up and have a whole album's worth of music for sale in about 15 minutes."

That's the jist of it. I have already started making a profile and will be uploading songs tonight. As I move along in the process I will be sure to give everyone updates as to the usability of the site. Hopefully a lot of bands will take advantage of sites like this and create special online only albums and make some quick money!

Please post your comments on this site and let me know when you find others like it. Also if you are using it, let us know how the pay is working and also how well they track stats.

As more and more options become available to musicians I want everyone to know what's out there and give them the best possible information so they can make the best decision for their music career.



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