Thursday, August 23, 2007

Trying to Rent out a Property? Have you considered YouTube?

It seems more and more realtors and property managers are using video as a way to promote their properties. It seems a photo just isn't as effective as it was only a few days ago, lol.

Wired reports that sites likerentthisjoint andReelProperties are using YouTube to effectively market homes, apartments, condos and more for rent.

ReelProperties has even produces PUPS (Pop-Up Properties) exclusively for Prudential Douglas Elliman. These videos cost $150 and apparently work, getting one property rented out in less than a week after the video posted.

Some of the comments from the post confirm that this is being used and working: "I did this to help sell my 36ft motor home on Craigslist. I did a 30 second walkthrough the inside to get a feel for the place. It was super easy to upload to YouTube. I got about 3,000 views since I posted it."

See it here:

Another ranted: "we turn user-submitted footage into fully produced video tours for either homes for sale or rentals."

Seems like an obvious next step in the progression of online promotion. These videos, once uploaded to YouTube, can easily be embedded onto your blogs, myspace pages and websites.

I don't see why this cannot cross into other fields. Short videos have never been easier and cheaper to film and produce. Editing software like Windows Movie Maker and others are free downloads and offer cut and paste style editing that most anyone can pick up in a few minutes. Uploading takes 15-30 minutes but is a painless and FREE process. If you are worried about embedding the code, that's just a simple copy and paste.

I'd love to hear of other businesses that are taking the leap into video as a promotional outlet. Obviously YouTube is not the newest technology but finding new ways to use it is.

Look for video from us at Rollett Marketing very soon, including tutorials, interviews and mini-commercials advertising our services. Keep in mind the millennial generation's short attention span and keep the videos short and to the point. Always remember to use good keywords in the titles, descriptions and tags and do note that YouTube is owned by search king of the mountain-Google!

-Greg Rollett for instant communication for package and company information to visit a great cause in the Orlando community


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