Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Do Social Networks and Web 2.0 Make People Buy?

comScore sure thinks so. Their findings imply that Web 2.0 users spend more of their dollar bills online than the average Internet user. In their latest report (Web 2.0 in Retail Today) of second quarter findings, surfers who visited “Web 2.0” sites spend around $27 billion in the US alone.

With holiday season right around the corner, what are you doing to increase the traffic?

An un-official checklist should look something like this:

  • Myspace page with embedded shopping carts
  • Company or personal blog with product views, reviews, services, and other goodies
  • Optimization of all pages to get ready for what consumers are going to be looking for
  • In budget PPC campaigns on Google, Yahoo, Ask, and MSN
  • Text message sign-ups to receive the latest coupons, specials and up to the minute details
  • Twitter all of the last statement’s objectives
  • EBay (still super powerful)
  • E-mail campaigns (start your lists now-well like 6 months ago-to have a huge impact later)

We can add and add to this list. For now focus on the heavyweights. Creating your brand online is the first step to creating new and unique visitors. Everything comes back to great content leading to great products, no matter what site it is.

Web 2.0 is making it easier for consumers to find and buy, but are they buying form you. I’m sure as hell making it to where they are buying from me!!



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