Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Lunch With Joel

Today I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with online recruiting guru, Joel Cheesman, founder of Cheezhed. I reached out to grab a quick bite while he was in town for the Recruiting 2007 Conference and Expo. Lucky for me this meant an escape from the office for a few to rack the brain of someone who gets SEO in the recruitment field. Highlights form the talk included:

Use localized video
-This will be a great addition to both RollettMarketing.com and the Orlando JobSpot. Thinking of doing a weekly show for both websites.

off the power of large domains like YouTube and Myspace. I always knew this but it makes a little more sense now.

Long tail is huge.
If 2 people that need jobs are searching for “customer service part time near airport” and cannot find a job that suits them, I have failed as an SEO expert that is writing job descriptions. This is data that your webmaster needs to supply, even if you have to use a stick to beat it out of them.

Rethink Podcasting
. I have been opposed to podcasting ever since I heard the word. Even with my recording background, the thought of someone listening to me talk on their iPod just didn’t sound enticing. What the hell, I can record the hell outta some music, so why not give it a shot.

Facebook Apps are useless for job seekers. There is still that wall up between job seekers and their social networks. All apps have failed and show no signs of innovation, viral capability and focus. Plus, no one markets them on their own sites. Imagine if Career Builder had links on their homepage? But they don’t and their app sunk to the bottom of the barrel.

Employers need to smarten up. Sell your positions. As a job poster I can only do so much to spruce up your crappy driving position. Make it sound enticing. If when you are posting a job online and think the job sucks, what will the job seekers think?

Their needs to be some responsibility on the part of the employer. If all you want is numbers in the door, so be it. But if you really want to grow your company, have a better bottom line and maybe get that Christmas bonus, start taking some pride in how and who you hire.

I’m done for the day. Joel it was awesome finally meeting you. I hope that we gave you some insight into the localization of job boards and the power that can be obtained from not having to always get the red tape from corporate. Anywho, its time to Rock For Hunger. Hunger Banquet tonight at UCF!!



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