Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Indie Bands on Last.FM Part 2

Thursday I started my import of tracks and information into Last.FM. Today I will throw up the screenshots to finish up the process and report on my findings of the site.

I chose to upload all 12 tracks from my Skateboard Sneakers CD all at once. I used .wav's and the process took a little over 30 minutes which wasn't bad for the file sizes of the tracks. Once completed, you will see this screen:
After the songs completed uploading you are granted access to the Music Manager, essentially the backend of the site.

From here you can choose to select up to 4 songs for preview:

In the Manage Your Catalog tab, you have options to optimize your page by adding a main photo, album cover, editing the album, song credits, etc and potentially a buzzworthy section of adding similar bands. By selecting bands that are already on the site you can rate how similar you sound and essentially be grouped in with their tunes.

By utilizing the buy links option you can send listeners to your online store to buy tracks, whole albums or where ever you want to send them. I chose to redirect listeners to my blog, where they can buy my CD's or learn more about me.

On the Promotion tab you can buy advertisements to drive traffic to your music. This is set up like a Pay Per Click campaign. If any artists have used these features in more detail I would love to speak to you.

The last main feature in the Music Manager section is the Statistics tab. For the time being you only have access to radio plays of your songs. Hopefully this feature will upgrade with higher analytical fields to further breakdown where traffic is coming from, what others are listening to and royalty tracking.

Overall, the experience was quite painless. The only road block I had was the quality of my tracks being uploaded, but that is an easy fix for most indie musicians with quick access to your master files.

If you have any questions about getting set-up on Last.FM or how the site works, please shoot them over to gregrollett@rollettmarketing.com.


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