Friday, January 18, 2008

Open Up Communication Before It Hits The Fan

Communication was the downfall of my last band. I talk about it openly because the situation could have been prevented. We were 4 individuals, working cohesively as one. Every person held together something special that make each of us look like creative geniuses.

We were invincible. Selling out local shows, playing huge festivals, opening for national acts and creating a regional buzz. The problem was this wasn’t the goal for everyone in the band. It was my goal. My goal was to hit the road hard, throw all my suitcases in the SUV and go for broke until we were crowned the next Gym Class Heroes or Linkin Park.

While I was making moves, from hiring a manager, looking for booking representation, branding our band in outside markets and networking with rising groups all across the country, the other guys were shy and hesitant to the subject.

Well, I didn’t listen or maybe they were speaking clearly when they said, hey G-Ro let’s do it. Book us a tour. So Chris, Logan and I got on the phones and emails and hit it hard. First we had a 30 city go for broke tour booked across the East Coast. Two weeks before deployment, some guys got cold feet. We covered our ass and got the shows re-booked for new bands.

New plan. Let’s do a regional gig with a Regional Band and stay local enough so that if we get in trouble, we were only a day or so away. Cool. We got the Crazy Anglos on board and had a 10 city, 12 day tour booked. Two weeks before roll out, the same thing. This time, asses were ripped and the band was over.

So, where am I going with this? Open up. Talk to your bandmates about the purpose of your band.

Are you:
Trying to be the biggest band in the land and go for broke.
Wishing to stay local and make a buzz.
A studio band who loves making music
A hobby
Just starting and need focus
Not right for each other
A magnitude of other options.

Talk to your bandmates about their personal lives, what is holding them back, their fears and worries. Throw it all on the table at the beginning. I thought I was pretty vocal about my ambitions, but no one spoke up until it was my ass on the line and name getting blasted.

Going into my new business ventures, it has been critical to talk to my partners about what my goals and vision are. I know what Logan is thinking and where he wants Endagon to go and I want to play a part in that. Chris has extreme passion for Rock For Hunger and he speaks openly to me about it. Asking for suggestions, input and opinions. I listen to both of them and see where there heads are at. I understand their financial situations enough to know when we are straining a budget or when we can go for it.

When contemplating your next move, whether you are a band, a small company or a start-up, sit down and beat it out of yourselves early, before it is too late. There was no saving StuMpP because it was already too late. If we had put it all on the table, things could be very different.

I would love to hear stories about your communication and how we can be forward and open about our opinions and goals with others who may not share the same vision. Please share and join this conversation.



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