Monday, January 7, 2008

Tagging Photos of Your Live Shows

Fans come to shows. Fans have small devices that take pictures. Fans post them online on sites like Myspace, Photobucket, Flickr and Facebook. Did you know that most of those photos are searchable through the tags and descriptions the uploader uses when putting those photos online?

By having your fans tag the photos, give them great titles and descriptions, searchers will be able to stumble upon your photos when searching for something that pertained to the night. Now if you can't get the drunk girl from the bar to tag them correctly, just ask her for a few JPG's and DIY. Here are 4 ways that tagging can have long-term effects after a show.

1. The venue. When people search for the venue or bands want to see the stage, etc, with properly tagged photos your images can be the backdrop for their viewing pleasure. Be sure to include the full venue name, the city, state and even the date of the event.

2. Your instruments. If they get a good shot of your guitar, amp or kick drum, use that as an advantage. When musicians are looking for gear images they can stumble upon the pictures and check out your site to get more information.

3. Clothing brands. Sounds cliche, but if you are rocking a local company t shirt and get a good shot of it, by using good tags and a good title, that image can rank highly in Google images for that company. You can be seen as a spokesperson for the clothing line.

4. People. This one is obvious, but overlooked. If there is no incriminating footage, use full names when tagging people in the image.

As Universal Search is becoming more active in Google search results, having pictures associated with your band and the scene your band is associated in will be a great addition to your marketing strategy.


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