Friday, February 29, 2008

Qoutes from FOWA and BarCamp Miami 08

BarCamp Miami 2008So being the marketing guy at a tech conference was interesting. Learned way too much and am left even more confused on some ends. But hey, you gotta start somewhere and FOWA Miami was a great place to do it. This first recap post will highlight some of the best quotes from the past 2 days including BarCamp Miami. (Apologies in advance for anyone's name that I forgot to jot down, if it was you who said it please yell at me in the comments.)

Assume something is possible and work backwards. (Google rep - and dammit can't remember his name)

Everyone can use widgets, only nerds use RSS, that’s why widgets are viral (Justin Thorp)

Conversation is king, content is what they talk about (my new slogan courtesy of Justin Thorp)

Talk to the brain, not the mind. (Kathy Sierra)

Where there is passion, there is a user kicking ass (
Kathy Sierra)

Know their face (
Kathy Sierra)

Free is great but create value and people will pay (Matt Mullenweg)

The future....we will make them work together (on Future of Social Networks by Joseph Smarr)

XFN rel="me" (everyone)

hCard = RSS for profiles (one of the hosts, not sure which one)

If customers/users aren't asking for it, DON'T BUILD IT (didn't write it down)

Create an application and put it where everyone already is instead of trying to get them to come to your site (paraphrase from Kevin Marks)

Fuck he's smart, guess I'm not going to apply at Google (me to Logan after Kevin Marks got off stage)

Love your community more than yourself.
(Gary Vaynerchuck)

Guarantee visitors by being awesome. (Gary Vaynerchuck)

That's it for quotes today. Surely more wrap up stuff to come tomorrow or lter tonight. It's off to the ScrapBlog Party at Nikki Beach. Don't be jealous!!

-Greg Rollett

photo courtesy of ScrapBlogMiami


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