Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Do Bands Dig Digg? New Dance Called RSS!

For all the talk we do about the future of music marketing and the emergence of online tools, sites and aggregators, musicians just don’t get it. Or maybe they don’t want to. Perhaps they do not wish to get bombarded with fan mail, excessive I love you comments and the commitment of blogging with real content. Or maybe they don't know who Kevin Rose is. Either way, let's get to what got me started.

Cases of point:

1. I’m a huge Gym Class Heroes fan. No denying that. I bought Papercut Chronicles the day it dropped like 5 years ago. The guy at Park Ave UCF said they were the future of live hip-hop. I believed him and fell in love. A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon Travis’s blog (aka Travie’s blog). He actually has some cool content, exclusive videos, pics, snippets from their upcoming album and commentary on what is going on in his life (including a note about some drug abuse). Great, love it. Think its great.

The problem. It’s a Tumblr site and does not allow for comments or even offer an RSS feed for updates.

2. Kayne West. His blog is great for a star of his stature. Whether he is the one updating it frequently is another story. Amazing content, just what his fans want. Exclusive video, trailers, expensive fashion and furnishings and so much more.

The problem. Again no RSS feeds. Comments are allowed but registration is required. Understandable, as it limits the SPAM and gets (hopefully) higher quality responses. Thing is, the application sucks and its long. What does Kanye need with my address to leave a comment? You can subscribe via email or SMS on the application, so kudos for making an effort.

For all the exclusive content that Kanye is posting, you would think he could get some Digg’s and drive traffic just based on his name and the fact that he has pics and videos that no one else has access to. Let’s start taking advantage of that. Throw up a ShareThis or Digg button. Come on, Ye.

The advertising is all about self branding. Take advantage of that traffic and throw up some ads for the people that you are promoting for free. They’ll love your traffic and you will love the extra check for doing nothing but being Mr. Jesus Walks.

3. When bands are listed in “top 10 bands you need to know right now” lists, why are you giving Myspace that ad money? Every link that bloggers, media, press give out to you should go to your site, your blog, etc. That way you can track the analytics of where your fans are coming from, but more importantly if they are coming from blog traffic they are well aware of RSS and Digg and will be more open to subscribe to your site or Digg your videos. Get with the program!

Also, if you are a blogger or media type, look for the blog site or outside website and link there! Help the bands out that are trying to brand themselves as something other than one of the 100 million bands on Myspace. I love Myspace, but come on!

(Terrible pic I know but i swear the URl's are all Myspace addresses)

So in honor of this post, throw me some Digg love and subscribe to get fresh content on Social Media, Music and Gen-Y thrown your way. I get it, but then again I hung up the mic and took to the marketing world.

Greg Rollett


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