Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Introducing "Track Star Tuesdays"

Track Star Tuesdays by Rollett MarketingWelcome to the introduction installment of "Track Star Tuesdays." The idea came to me that there are more than a handful of bands that want to have their CD reviewed. They like seeing what people think are the top songs, what worked and didn't and also get a little press to help sales.

What we are going to be doing is a little bit different!

Every Tuesday Rollett Marketing will produce a VideoBlog that will showcase the marketing and promotional efforts of your new release. I will not limit this to just on-day CD releases.

What qualifies is anything that has launched within the past 30 days or will be launched within the next 30 days in the following categories:

New CD
Re-released CD
Live CD

The review will be strictly based on music marketing and promotion efforts of the product including but certainly not limited to:
Online visibility
Blog mentions
Pre-sales process
Viral marketing
E-Mail Campaigns
and others

*If you would like your release featured on "Track Star Tuesdays" all you have to do is send us the release along with your marketing plan (yes, you can write it on a napkin, it does not have to be formal) to:
Rollett Marketing
426 Belvedere Way
Sanford, FL 32773

or e-mail us the electronic version complete with artwork and credits to

Every Tuesday we will showcase the best (and worse) cases that are sent our way.

The goal is not to criticize but to help your band succeed and see different options that you may or may not have thought of while you were busy recording and making the CD.

If you have any questions, please address them in the comments. That will act as a FAQ section for this program.

We will kick things off tonight with the 1st official installment of "Track Star Tuesdays." (Update: Check out the first episode featuring Kap and Over.Rap.Music.)

-Greg Rollett

p.s. Feel free to pass this along to any interested musicians. The more people we can help the better.

Bands will be selected in no particular order, but we will be looking for things that stand out, good and bad, that create value to our audience and other musicians.


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