Monday, July 7, 2008

Why Do I Have to Eat My Vegetables?

Are you ready to eat your Social Media Vegetables?photo by justinhenry

You remember being at the dinner table when you were a child and your parents always said the same thing...
Just try it.
Now that Gen-Y is starting to take a stance in the workplace, we are uttering those same words to our parents and their peers. Millennials have taken the lead in this whole Social Media world, and we get it. We use it. We build with it and think our futures will be bright will more online networking, lifecasting, photo sharing and online life experiences.

In a recent article by Bea Fields on the Millennial Leaders blog, she throws out an analogy that really hit home;

I had a conversation last week with a leader who asked me why he and his company should be on Facebook? I then said “Why do you go to conferences, board meetings and networking events?” His response: “Well, to build relationships!” Relationship building is HUGE, and Gen Y knows this. Networking on Facebook, blogging, podcasting or sending tweets is just a smart move. If you want to be a leader, you have to be willing to use the most current tools and know how to use them to your advantage.

Gen-Y is stepping up to the plate and trying to get the X'ers and the Boomers, who are up the corporate ladder and have the decision making power, to understand that Social Media is not an unnecessary evil, but in fact a tool that can yield results, turn over ROI and increase brand awareness, customer base and future income.

As kids, we didn't want to eat our vegetables because we had a perception that vegetable were supposed to taste bad. Boomers and Gen-X have a preconceived notion that the Internet is bad and everything that comes with it, the YouTubes, Myspaces, Facebooks, Twitters and all the rest of the Community building applications that are considered time wasters by their biased opinions.

Well, now it's my turn. "Just try it."

Those vegetables turned out to be okay after some time and, well, I bet they consume a good part of your diet now. They do in mine. I think they may even be good for your health.

Social Media is in the same boat. Are you ready to swim?

-Greg Rollett
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