Wednesday, August 13, 2008

9 Tips to Sexy Up Social Media

Social Media sites are looking sexier and sexier everyday, with designers making sure what happens on the other side of the skin stays there. The problem (and I'm a part of it) is that our personal social media sites just aren't all that sexy (visually appealing and ease of use not Tila Tequila pics or easy to take home after happy hour).

Here are 9 things to do (or not do) right now to make Social Media Sexier:

  1. Be a good friend and tell them their Myspace page is ugly as hell, even if their pic in their underwear is hot. The Material is a band doing a Myspace page right, clean, sleek, call to actions and amazing use of Twitter.
  2. Tell us what you do, especially on Twitter. If you are throwing out a follow on Twitter and I have no idea who you are, the least you can do is have some info about yourself, your company, your product, even a link that can tell me whether you are worthy of a follow or not. No info is not Social Media Sexy.
  3. Find a video player that you can resize. I'm a fan of Blip and Viddler. They both allow you to change the size of their players so they do not screw up your sidebars.
  4. Name and tag things better. There is no real "right" or "wrong" way to tag something, but please for the love of God be descriptive. Music playlists like "Kim's Super Special Songs" and no results for George Bush when searching for "the devil" in Google Images (1st 3 pages at least) is just absurd. Social Media Sexiness needs you to think back to your elementary school years and use nice, descriptive words.
  5. Blogrolls with 100 blogs on them. It's like cleaning up your room. You need to do it.
  6. Over tagging things. Just as you need to be descriptive, you do not need to overkill it. Find a happy medium. I was guilty of this when I first started blogging and as a result, I had to take off the tags widget on my blog as it started to get super duper long.
  7. Good morning Twitter posts - Waking up is just not sexy.
  8. Facebook app requests - You know me, right? That's why we are friends on Facebook, right? So why the hell would you send me something about vampires or pirates when I despise them. Be courteous of your friends and send them things you know they will enjoy.
  9. Obsessive shouts - Yes, we all got over friend requesty on Digg, but I don't need 20 shouts from the same person in 1 day. My Gmail does not feel sexy at this point.
Remember folks, time is sexy. If at any point you think that you are wasting someone's time, don't hit the send button.

If you have other suggestions, please leave them in the comments and I will add them in. Let's all stick together to make Social Media a sexy place to hang out in. How about it?

-Greg Rollett


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