Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Vacation, Social Media Camp and Ahhh

The airport these days is simply terrible. Makes me think twice about traveling the globe via a commercial airplane. Other than that the trip was fantastic. Highlights include:

Social Media Camp NYC

I got an email from Duncan Freeman saying, hey SummerMash NYC is tomorrow and you are going to be in NYC so, duh, head over there. Unfortunately I didn't make it over to Mashable's main event but I did bus my way over to SMCampNYC over at the Sun Microsystems building on Park Ave.

It was a truly amazing event hosted by Erica O'Grady who opened things with a fun presentation.

Next was a treat from Howard Greenstein and Dean Landsman on “What Old Media can teach New Media.” My favorite topic was that "tv is a lean back media, the internet is lean forward and mobile is in your face media" (don't think that's how they worded it, but you get the point).

Check out their slides on Slideshare.

Another great presentation was from the Head of Magic at FreshBooks, Saul Colt. His view on community management and showering people with love is unbelievable.

Meeting up with Justin Thorp of ClearSpring is always a good time as well. This whole Community Manager role is growing on me and more and more companies are bringing it on.

Other notable attendees (from my eyes at least) were @kstoddard and @brazendan (Ryan's bro and new sales guy at BC)

If I didn't get the chance to meet you there, please say hello in the comments and know that you always have a guy to drink a beer with and chat Social Media in Orlando.

Fun Things in the City
Free Tibet Protest

Free Tibet Protest in NYCLunch at Bryant Park

Greg and Jennifer Rollett at Bryant Park in NYC
Apple Store in Greenwich Village

Apple Store in NYCLoads of other stuff

Well, I feel totally relaxed and ready to go. It's going to be a run few weeks ahead as SkatterBand goes back into development, the FaceBook App gets rewired for Facebook 2.0 and the eCourse on Music Promotion gets closer to being done.

Catch you kids later! More on NYC vs Orlando later.

-Greg Rollett


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