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5 Social Things Gen-Y Needs to Do Today

Socially Conscience Gen-Y | 5 Causes to Get Involved In

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*I updated this post's title after a good comment by KateNonymous over on Brazen Careerist!*

We all want to get involved and make a change. Unfortunately that change cannot happen solely on Facebook, Myspace or even on a blog. Gen-Y is all about Social Change, and there are many of us that are going out into the real world and making a difference, building houses, changing lives, saving the environment and making a political change.

But there are an ever larger number of people joining online groups and writing a B.S. comment and then never come back, never donate a dollar or give a minute of their time to actually make that change.

In a recent interview with Mike Connery, for Gen-Y Magic, he states that:
Voting is the least you can do. If you want to make a change in your community, then run for office. School board, town supervisor, mayor, councilman, it doesn’t matter. If you don’t like the system and the choices you have at the polls, take over that system and change it from the inside.
Here are 5 groups that Gen-Y needs to pay attention to today. It's up to you to find the right cause, but this is where your head and heart need to be.

1. The school system
With standardized testing ruling public schools, and teachers becomming more and more like highly educated babysitters, we need to stand up to help our youth learn and get ready to enter society. Look at the PTA, the fundraisers, getting school supplies or tutoring to help out.

2. Cleaning up your city
No, not grabbing a halloween suit like BatMan (although that would be kick ass). Go out and make a difference where you live. Light up dark neighborhoods, paint over destroyed and rusted walls, plant some trees or flowers or even help the local homeless with food, shelter and clothing. Become proud of your backyard and more people will come and visit.

3. The Environment
Al Gore is probably right. Start by recycling, then maybe move on to help organizations change their products to be more "Green freindly." You might even be able to convice your boss to change the lightbulbs in your office and save him some money in his annual budget.

4. The Music Industry
Do your favorite artist a favor and buy something from them. I'm not talking about Snoop or Miley either. Pick a local, an indie or a friend. Send them a note saying how much you love their music. They could use the encouragement (and the cash) right about now.
(If you like singer-songwriter stuff, check out Leerone. I will be giving her a big shout out tomorrow, so look out for that)

5. The President
I keep convincing myself that it doesn't matter who wins. I am completely wrong. Whoever you vote for, or whatever party you are loyal too, all that matters is that you get involved, learn the issues and care about what you stand for. The youth vote is the swing vote this year. Even if your guy (or gal, I guess) losses, at least you stood for something and had a voice in the direction of your future. Even after the election, it doesn't mean you should stop caring.

Like I said, it doesn't matter what cause you belong to, who you root for and what side wins. All that matters is that you are socially aware and give a damn. Life matters more when you have something to fight for.

Who are you fighting for?

-Greg Rollett


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