Monday, October 20, 2008

Gen-Y Doesn't Need 1 Leader

Marketing to Gen-Y through a new generation of leadersIt's a crazy time for everyone. The economy sucks. The election is making us all crazy and tearing us apart rather than helping us come together to make the country better. There are more small businesses to choose from, more products with which to do the same things and more bands than pretty much sound the same, look the same and act the same.

As more and more young people begin make their mark in the world, they are reminded of the past, when you idolized that 1 person that made everything in life better. Stars were larger than life and contact with them was deemed impossible. I am talking about the Michael Jordans, the John Kennedys, the Elvis Presleys.

Next Generation Of Superstars
Today's generation is producing stars, leaders and thought provokers that are more approachable than ever and each is taking over not the world, but a niche in their own version of the small world. Where every kid wanted to be like Mike, aspiring basketball players want to be like Kobe and LeBron, maybe Yao Ming or Dwight Howard. All these players are Michael Jordan in their own demographic. They make the kids they relate to smile and give them hope that they can aspire to be in their position. They are also approachable, with websites, fan clubs, Myspace pages, blogs and other means of dual communication.

Next Generation of Social Change Agents
Today the people changing the world are the people in your community making a difference. We are not waiting for government groups to bring help. We make the change ourselves. My good friend Chris from Rock For Hunger has never waited for a government dime to feed 150 people every week. Another Gen-Y'er, Chas Grundy has helped over 60 children go to summer camp through "camperships." These are the groups that will change the world, not 1 organization but many little ones helping make their part of the world better.

Next Generation of Musicians
I wa reading an article from the Sydney Morning Herald that said,

Gen-Y needs to find its own AC/DC.
The thing is, we don't want our own AC/DC. We have a million Sex Pistols and bands in vans that are getting our attention, hearts and thoughts. These kids that come to our town, pour their hearts out for $100 and a few CD sales mean more to this generation than any big band marketing machine that flows through our town, tube or radio.

Oh, and we are producing some Gen-Y AC/DC's of our own:
  • Public Enemy - 10 albums and 25 years (Chuck D himself said they were the Rolling Stones of hip-hop)
  • Dave Mathews Band - name any college student that doesn't have Dave in their iPod and I will show you a liar
  • Snoop Dogg - love him or hate him but no one has done more for pop culture over a longer period of time than the Doggfather himself (he even created his own form of the English language that even David Beckham can't stop using)
  • Green Day - After ruling the 90's with a new age punk rock attitude, they are bigger than ever with real voices and opinions that are inline with Gen-Y ethos and spirit

I am sure there are countless others, from any facet of culture, politics and leadership that are playing a role in Gen-Y development. They are doing so by mastering a niche. By giving into flaws, strengths, God-given abilities and even good old fashioned hard work.

To be a leader in the next generation you do not need to appeal to everyone, just the everyones in the groups that YOU can help become better people.

Who do you want to lead?

-Greg Rollett


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