Thursday, November 6, 2008

Living Like a Rock Star

Rock For Hunger Fest 3 | Ending Homelessness in Orlando, FL
I always love the weeks leading up to Rock For Hunger Fest. I mean, who wouldn't love no sleep, constant stress over paying the bands, the venue, raising money for the cause, unrolling new technology, selling tickets, organizing 100 volunteers, getting photographers, videographers, setting the band times, t-shirt designs, badges, oh crap no money and keeping Chris focused.

These things might make you go crazy considering this is something I volunteer for in addition to the 2 jobs that sometimes pay the rent.

But there is one thing that keeps me going. Bringing my Rock Star life into the lives of others.

Rock For Hunger on Rollins Radio 91.5(Me, Chris and Jessie McGuire at WPRK Studios)

Late last night before our interview with Rollins Radio, Chris and I were sitting in my office talking about the future. The future of everything from Endagon to a a venture of our own to going back to school. After making a mess on the table to where you wouldn't know it was a glass desk, I blurted out,
"I want to make everyone around me live a Rock Star Life."

That's when things got interesting.

Rock For Hunger

Every Monday when we feed the homeless we have the opportunity to make every person there FEEL like a rock star that night. WE have that power, the volunteers, teh board members, the staff and everyone else there. The food is the headliner for these individuals, but everyone has a hell of a lot of fun at concerts that has nothing to do with the music.

Think about it. Warped Tour brings you more activities than you can go through if you were there for a week. Trust me Chris and Logan know first hand. They have games, giveaways, listening stations, autograph sessions and so much more.

Look at every concert that you go to. Think about the conversations that you have waiting in line. The energy that you have while dancing, throwing your hands in the air, the laughter and the stress free environment.

Making every Monday night an experience for everyone involved will help create a brand around Rock For Hunger. A brand that people will want to be a part of. Where volunteers will never leave without thinking, holy shit, I changed someone's life, had a good time, heard great music and will remember this event for the rest of my life.

Making all of my clients feel like Rock Stars is another goal I have for myself. It may not be a stage with thousands of sweating fans, but a blog post that gets 20 comments and 5 sales is Rock Star status for small businesses. Having them feel the appreciation, the strength and reach that is possible with a little technique and planning, will instill not only confidence in that individual but for that team as a whole.

It's kinda like hip-hop. 50 Cent blows up and takes his crew with him. Now Llyod Bands, Tony Yayo and company are starts in their own right and their magic spreads far beyond that of just 50. Companies can feel this same power as one person lands a monster sale and passes their excitement on to the rest of the office. Rock Star status is contageous.

Rock Star status is a feeling
The feeling you get when you are so proud of your accomplishments that others recognize it for you. Being the voice in a PodCast. Meeting new colleagues, business associates or prospects on a Social Network and having the power to control the conversation. Recognition in your local community.
"Hey that's Jim the Realtor."
"Heck yea, I'm Jim the Realtor, I know this community and I can help you know it too!"

I have had some great moments being in the spotlight and I know just how amazing that feeling is. Giving that feeling to someone else is one of the most powerful things I have to offer!

My Rock Star Life
So as I roll on with the Rock For Hunger promotions in this stretch run, look at how much fun and excitement is in my voice as we roll through XL 106.7, Real Rock 101.1, Podcasts, Video Interviews, blog posts, interviews and other "Rock Star" like experiences.

I'll be thinking about you the whole time and how by being in my position, I can help you too. That's what I have to offer. Come and take it from me.

How big of a Rock Star do you want to be?

-Greg Rollett


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