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Makings of a Rock Star - Talk For Hunger Article

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The Makings of a Rock Star

Let’s start off by looking at our good friend Wikipedia and checking out the definition of a rock star. They say a rock star is “a member of a rock band, or a solo artist in the genre (the term usually implies celebrity status, or ‘stardom’).”

Let’s tweak that a little and give a better sense of the term. I define a rock star as someone who has the qualities to live their dreams, the skills to devote to the actions of those dreams and the confidence that comes with living and believing in those dreams.

Modern day Rock Stars include Oprah, Bono, Jay-Z and Barack Obama. You may attribute these individuals to their celebrity status, but it is in the believing that they can change the world through their dreams that makes them the rock stars that we know and believe in. None live a perfect life and some have even been taken off the positive path throughout their journey. All have traveled different roads with different backgrounds, but ultimately have followed their dreams to get to the position in their lives today.

Rock stars do not have to be celebrities. Anyone can dream and anyone can take action to turn that dream into a reality. Whether that is attaining financial security, career development, climbing the corporate ladder, bringing a product into society or helping another in need, we all have the abilities to be rock stars. Becoming a rock star is not an overnight process. Daily tasks and motivation are key factors in the process to attain “rock star status.”

Musicians practice diligently in their garage to perfect their craft. Then they spend months in studios recording it. Then comes playing shows, winning over fans and ultimately leveraging their network to attain their “rock star status,” it is no easy feat.

You too can become a rock star or help someone become a rock star. Help a child to read or solve math problems. Teach someone a new skill or learn a new one yourself – playing an instrument or learning how to use a new tool. Build a personal brand and put yourself in the same room and playing field as the big guys.

Dream big and take action on the little steps to start seeing that dream come to fruition. Our community is full of rock stars; they just need a stage to shine upon. How can you build the platform and life that you want?

Through Rock for Hunger, we have been able to create Rock Stars from our own community. Finding inner passion, training for skill sets and rediscovering dreams that impact an individual’s future are the types of missions and agendas that lie in our ability to impact the community.

Contact Greg at and help make someone a Rock Star today!

Please consider buying a 12 issue subscription to Talk For Hunger. For $20 you get 12 issues mailed to your home, the electronic version of all 12 issues and a small donation to help pay for uniforms, badges and other operational costs. Stop Talking about the problem and be a part of the solution.


Colin Wright June 9, 2009 at 5:13 PM  

I saw something like this last time I was in Seattle and it really seemed to be helping out the homeless in the area.

I love the idea of helping others acquire the skills they need to get gainfully employed...teaching a man to fish and all that.

Keep up the great work!

Greg Rollett June 12, 2009 at 8:12 AM  

Thanks Colin! There are papers like this all over the world in fact. The model has helped thousands if not millions of homeless find opportunities and community, as well as financial stability. Hopefully we can get there too.

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