Tuesday, July 31, 2007

How Can You Capitalize on the Time Users Spend On Social Networks, Especially Myspace

Got some good information for you all today! Especially those of you who are marketing your music, products, etc online. People are sending a lot of time at social network sites like myspace, Facebook, etc. What this research shows you is that Myspace is still king and Facebook is running away in 2nd. With all the new sites that are popping up to get your attention, these 2 still need to be your main focus.

Here's the chart:

Top 20 Social Networking Sites in the US, Ranked by Attention*, June 2007 (% share of attention and thousands of monthly visitors)

*The firm measured what it calls "attention" (defined as the percentage of all time spent online that is devoted to one site), and attention for MySpace jumped 20% in June 2007 from the previous month.

This is telling us that we are spending more and more time glued into myspace, which gives a higher percentage for a potential fan to see your page and hear your music which leads to more sales. Now if only you could be on that right page at the right time...............

For the full article check out eMarketer.

It's going to be a very busy week for us at Rollett Marketing as we are blowing through all of our packages to accommodate for these numbers.

Myspace is and will continue to be a haven for musicians to sell, promote and market their music to their target audience. So get out there and start making your marketing count.

Look for Rollett Marketing's "Top 5 Myspace Marketing Tips" this afternoon to jump start your promotions today!


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