Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Let's get This One Out of The Way!

So I set up this blog like a week ago now and have yet to post anything except the cd's on the right for you to help out my music career. lol. But seriously, this site is not focused on my music (which is totally awesome and you should 100% pick up a cd or 2 or 3). This blog is to be focused on Internet Marketing as it pertains to music. I will be doing tons of interviews with bands both locally and with national acts to get their insight into what they are doing right, what works, what hasn't, and all that good stuff. There will be a members area where you will be able to access all kinds of goodies including extra tips, bonus interviews, lists, contacts, e-books, how-to instruction videos, exclusive MP3 downloads from myself as well as bands that I interview or have close ties with, and so much more. Please stay tuned, offer your input and look forward to a gamut of things to help improve your online presence through Internet Marketing and Promotion!

I should have video of an interview I did with Swamburger up late tonight or tomorrow. This dude is a local Orlando legend and has already sold out his show Saturday night at the Social with his Anti/Epitaph signed group Sol.Illaquists of Sound.

Have a good one! I'll be at the Haven tonight promoting an Endagon show for Bedlight For Blue Eyes, a touring band with Trustkill Records.


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