Friday, August 10, 2007

5 Myspace Tips for Real Estate Agents, Brokers, Offices and Branches

In getting off the ground in our new expansion, we have had great success with in the real estate field. We have built and marketed blogs and myspace profiles for a handful of companies, investors and local agents. Myspace is an amazing tool to reach a good number of individuals in your demographic. For those of you just getting your feet wet with myspace or have a page but have had limited success, here’s some quick tips to get you back on the ball.

  1. Make sure your URL resembles your business title, name or organization. If your professional site is, your myspace profile should be If you are a company, examples would be or something of the like. This makes your page name easy to remember. You only have one shot at naming your URL on myspace so make it count. A myspace account of will get you nowhere fast.

  1. If you use your page for real estate, keep the page relative to real estate! This should be pretty obvious, but the first site I helped out had pictures of the agent sipping coronas on the beach. Keep this private to your clients, unless of course you’re selling beach front property on an exotic island. There is nothing wrong with looking human, maybe a family picture in your picture section, but this is your profession, make yourself look as professional as possible and people will treat you that way.

  1. Blog! Blogs on myspace are spidered and crawled more than any other aspect on Myspace except for maybe the pictures. Provide relative content on a regular basis. For more advanced internet real estate agents/brokers, post blurbs on your Myspace blog linking to your official blog that has been monetized. (Remember that content is KING!)

  1. Make your Myspace page user-friendly. It is no longer acceptable just to have links to your professional site or your MLS listings. You need to provide access right on myspace to search your catalog, view properties (there are millions of picture sharing and slide show sites that can be used for FREE), request information, sign-up for your mailing list, etc. No one likes to click 100 links before they find your email address. The less step the better.

  1. Monitor comments. If you are worried about spam, porn, bands promoting their shows, etc then monitor your comments. There is a setting which allows you to approve which comments go live and which comments go bye-bye. This is common practice now on Myspace and will cut down on the clutter on your page. For every large club flyer that is posted on your comments, the slower your page load time will be.

For hundreds of more tips or to get Rollett Marketing services for Real Estate Myspace pages and blogs, email us at or and we will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss the possibilities that Web 2.0 can do for your business. Have a great weekend and best of luck prospecting!

-Greg “G-Ro” Rollett


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