Wednesday, August 1, 2007

5 Tips for Myspace Music Page Optimization

Rollett Marketing is a full service Marketing firm that specializes in the promotion of bands, musicians, artists, small businesses, product launches and more. Located and rooted in the Orlando, FL area. We have been in the music scene, promoted shows, worked for venues, booking agencies, indie labels, start-ups, internet marketing companies and more. With this experience we have helped a good number of bands and programs get their plans focused both online and off.

Our most successful package has been our Myspace Optimization Package, where we go into a Myspace profile and get it ready for optimal viewing. The following 5 tips are not an all-inclusive list and will not get you 1,000s of plays and millions of new fans. What it will do is get you on the right track so when that traffic comes, your page is ready to handle them. These tips are geared towards bands and musicians but can be applied to any field that has a Myspace page.

Feel free to comment and add more tips, tricks, suggestions, feedback, etc. What works for one page, mught not work for another.

For a full Myspace diagnostic by Rollett Marketing, please email Greg at and we will set you up with a package to get your page ready for the views and also target qualified fans to get you to the level that your music/business should be seen/heard at.

1. Keep it simple and up to date. Don't overdo your page. Get your info on the page, keep it clutter free and update weekly if not daily. Google, fans, venues, and major labels love updated content, whether it be blogs, new songs, new shows, whatever.

2. Blog! The best way to add content to your page is to blog! Keep your fans in the know. Fall Out Boy blogs everyday so people know what they are up to and millions of people read those blogs!

3. Use your sounds like and influences section to put your influences and what you sound like! Google and Myspace can search these features, so someone looking for a band you sound like could run into your page and love your tunes!

4. Put your best (read: NOT newest song) first! I want to hear your best song when I get on your page, not the song you made last night. ONly randomize plays if you have 4 strong singles. If you don;t have 4 great songs, only have 3, 2, or just 1 song on your player. Nothing turns me off more than 1 great song with 3 crappy demo tracks following.

5. Use your top friends to your advantage. Don't waste these spots with band members. Put good networking people in these top sections. Also, don't have a Top 32 if you don't have 32 good contacts to showcase!

That's it folks! Hope this helps you get started making your Myspace page a better place to visit instead of a bunch of html code that doesn't equal anything but slow loading time(which means I've already clicked off your page).

If you need help, Rollett Marketing is here for you. Email us today to get started on your next project. Don't lose another potential fan. Have a plan online, Rollett Marketing can help you get that plan.

Have a great night folks and those of you in Orlando, you need to be at Hip-Hop 4 Hunger tomorrow night at the AKA Lounge on the corner of Pine and Magnolia. I will be hosting the event and the proceeds will be going to the 2nd Harvest Food Bank and the Rock For Hunger projects around the Orlando community.


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