Tuesday, August 14, 2007

5 Reasons Tattoo Shops Need to Blog

Jumping into Web 2.0 strategies can be as easy or as difficult as you make it. For the technology stumped individual, a blog may be one of the easier ways to get your tattoo shop online. You can set up a generic blog for free, with free hosting. In the beginning, it is very easy to just write up posts and keep it current. As your strengths and comfort online get better, there is a world of opportunity to get great traffic to see your shop and more importantly your artwork!

So here goes 5 quick tips or reasons your tattoo shop should enter the blog world!

1. To create an online journal or portfolio of your work. Blogs do not have to be super long, boring rants about a break-up or bad service. A post can be as simple as a picture of a finished piece, or maybe a new addition to your shop, or before and after work. Maybe you have a unique story about how the artwork came about or a client’s personal situation. If done regularly, you can create a huge online portfolio and time line of your work.

2. Using 3rd party widgets like Twitter, you can post instant updates about openings in time slots, or maybe a party your shop is having in real time, from your computer or your mobile phone.

3. Build relationships and create a network. Use your blog to advertise other businesses that have helped you out, write posts on other blogs and get people to guest post on yours. Musicians that have gotten ink from your shop are great people to network with and almost always are willing to trade banner links or general links. It’s free publicity! Building a network of people and readers has never been easier.

4. Money: Can’t beat that right! Sign-up for advertisements like Google’s Adsense or Kontera’s in-text advertising. This won’t help you quit your day job, but could give you an extra $100 every month or two. E-mail me for more information on how to set this up and who some of the better companies are and how they pay out!

5. New traffic. The more you post, and the more keywords you use, (location, styles, etc) the more frequent your blog will show up in search engine results (google, yahoo, ask, etc). Search engines love blogs for their fresh content and the amount of quality link trading. The more traffic your site receives, the more clients you have an opportunity to meet up with. Also, more traffic results in more individuals seeing your advertising, which equals more money!

There you have it. Putting together a blog for a tattoo shop is easy and makes you an even better expert in your field. Talk about your work, what separates you from your competition, your clients, etc. Have fun with it and it will become fun for you to write and keep current.

If you have any questions or would like our assistance is setting up your blog, please contact us at rollettmarketing@hotmail.com. Keep up the great artful expressions!


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