Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Finally Advertising on all those Free Facebook Widgets

I'm still a "Freshman" in terms of using Facebook, but as a marketer, the network is taking off like Lebron from the free-throw line! When Facebook opened up its platform to allow 3rd party widgets, it opened up the gates for all the low budget tech kids to test out their products. Some of them are really good, too. Problem though, is that there is no money in free sharing of applications.

Along comes VideoEgg!

Whats up with VideoEgg you ask? They have developed a new way for advertisers to jump in on the widget bandwagon, and for the wiget makers to make some much deserved and NEEDED cash!

Here's how it works so far: When the widget is being launched, an ad will play. Simple, harmless, and gets the ad to their target market, the widget maker some money and the user gets to use the widget and maybe some new information about a new product.

Sounds simple, I'm all for it. For the full write up visit Business Week.

Keep getting your Web 2.0 on people and we'll keep feeding you with new ways to use it!



minister of enlightenment August 14, 2007 at 12:17 PM  

It will take off, but the "I hate egg" groups will no doubt proliferate. At Rebtel, we've deployed our own application and we chose to keep the rebtel message to the bare minimum, focusing on offering good functionality through reb me and really add value to the network. (reb me allows you to manage the rebtel voip service from within Facebook)

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