Friday, August 31, 2007

The Lebron of SEO: Content!

Content is King. That’s been the driving force of SEO since search engines have ruled the online world. Nothing has changed. You can link build all day, use your great flash skills (said like nunchuck skills form Napolean Dynomite), or whatever new strategy that is the hotness and the talk of message boards from Warrior to whatever else. What everything comes down to is content. What does your page say and does it say it better than your competition.

So what can you do when you are starting from scratch? Here’s some quick tips I use everyday when writing bios, articles, ads and posts for companies across a gamut of industries form small businesses to musicians to large corporation and beyond.

-Write a damn good bio or about me(us) section! Write about yourself. Include everything that you can think of that you have accomplished with your company, business, band, music. Do not overlook anything as too small or irrelevant to write about yourself. Yea some people don’t wanna read every detail about your life or business, but you know what, that one person that came across your profile and sees the non-profit you volunteer for, or band you opened for, etc can become a reader, customer, ally for life!

-Start up a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page or a Statistics Type Page. FAQ’s are great pages because they address every facet of your business from a customer’s standpoint. Bands can put clubs or bars that they frequent, or bands that they love playing with. Restaurants can have questions about hours, their staff, how their menu is put together or how they prepare the food. The list goes on and on and is super huge is relative content.

-Write a blog. Google that. Amazing results if kept up, consistent and has relative content for your readers.

-Write articles. Writing articles shows expertise in areas that are relative to your brand. These articles can further be used for press stories, press releases, on free article sites like for other website owners to use (which gives you an incoming link btw) and so much more. Writing isn’t hard, it’s just the start that is difficult.

-The more you write the better the chance to find long tailed keywords that you previously didn’t even know exist. On one bog I write for, someone found us from google with the search query “Orlando jobs with car benefits and green.” I swear!

The more content the higher the possibility of being found. No gimmicks, no get rich quick shit. Get out and start writing. You might find out that a) you’re good at it or b) you enjoy it. For me it was both and business has never been better!

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