Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Online, Offline and Social Networking Rules!

I found some networking rules today from the career and recruiting blog The CareerXroads Annex. You can view them via that link. I am going to roll with Gerry Crispin’s advice but add a few of my own. So here goes some networking (mostly social networking) rules and guidelines to abide by when trying to make those connections to better your business.

  1. Have goals and let them be known. If you need help, talk about it, post about it. No one can help you if you don’t share your vision.
  2. Prioritize those goals. Go after what’s important. Don’t forget about the back burner, just focus on what’s for dinner tonight!
  3. Networking isn’t short term, it is a process, and processes are not overnight. Online networking doesn’t happen by auto-bots or friend trains. It takes patience and the vision to see what’s going to happen tomorrow. Life is all about networking and you never stop meeting friends, colleagues, business partners, etc. Same thing goes for online networking. Barry Bonds didn’t hit those 755 in a season and Tiger still hits the driving range.
  4. Don’t limit yourself to online networking. While I do 80% of my promotions online, the other 20% from word-of-mouth, dropping off cards, flyers, etc has proven to be just as successful. Don’t get caught up on your iBook. I know that I do from time to time, but the world is bigger than that screen in front of your face!
  5. Remain positive. Even when times are bad, things are slow, etc there is always that one email, call, conversation that can spark a revival.
  6. Practice doesn’t always make perfect, but it helps. Try and try again. I don’t know how many sites I have profiles for. Some are great; some are terrible and have been a waste of time. Even Myspace is constantly changing. The moral here is that if you do not attempt greatness, you can’t find it. And even if you hit those jumpers, you’re going to miss sooner or later. Be ready to bounce back, meet some new acquaintances and then do it all again.
  7. Don’t invite everyone into your network. If they serve you no purpose than being another “friend” online, you don’t need them. I’m guilty of this, but sometimes I just “hope” that they will like my music or need my services. What usually happens is they crowd up my page so I have a hard time reconnecting with the people that do like my music or need my services.
  8. Have fun. Making connections with people is fun and exciting. You never know who you are going to find out there. It could be the next brains to the biggest project yet, or it could just be a kid who wants to talk shop. Either way, it should be an enjoyable experience.

Hope these tips help. Feel free to add anything that you want to complete this list. By no means is it complete and official, just some things that I think will benefit you when you feel overwhelmed in networking online. Now with that being said, take these tools and apply them to your Myspace, Facebook, YouTube, Bebo, LinkedIn and other pages and meet that next partner, investor or client. I know I will!!




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