Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Create Magazine Teams Up With Rock For Hunger to Make Good Art and A Better Commnity

Create Magazine recently did a whole lotta good for the Orlando community! Not to say that they don't always do good though!!! Recently their Assistant publisher, Katrina Priore, presented Rock For Hunger with a great little, cost effective way to cross promote both their magazine, their new "Create Network" and the Rock For Hunger II Festival.

Something as simple as a poster contest has got the creative community buzzing about the concert. Through Create Magazine's Network, Trina was able to e-mail blast the zine's subscribers and network in order to get contestants for this poster contest. The winner was to be showcased at the festival as well as a written piece in the magazine.

Here's quick background of the magazine:

Create Magazine provides creative professionals with an insider's perspective on the people, news, trends and events that influence the local advertising and creative production industries. Articles and features, written by local creative leaders and influencers, keep Create readers well-informed about the changing climate of business and competition. The magazine prides itself on not only its content, but also by the way that it is displayed. Create is published bi-monthly and gives creative professionals a great medium for sharing information that facilitates strategic partnerships and career growth within their respective communities.

So after many great entries, there is a winner. I will find out the details on whom it is, but I can say that the "Concert to End Poverty just got a whole lot cooler with the addition of the winning poster! Check it out and send me some feedback!!

Thanks again for Create Magazine looking into alternative ways to create some great press and for lending a hand to help make the community a better place. With free thinking like this there is much hope for the Myspace Generation after all.


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