Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Do you Consider Yourself A Go-Getter?

Or better yet, a Young Go Getter? I think that I am. I get out there and work till my wife tells me that my Mac is going to lower my sperm count, no joke! Maybe I have too many businesses, websites, blogs, gadgets, clients, friends, and broke musicians to help, but I know that I like being busy and I love the fact that I control my life.

With that being said, is your company a go-getter? Or, are you waiting for the influx of business to just show up at your front doors and see your wonderful products and ideas? Two of my friends just started a business together. It is a franchise and they are located in the corner of a not so busy plaza. After about 2 days with no clients, they locked the doors and took their shop on the road. Now they are a few months in and I never get to see them because business is so good.

They didn't wait for business to come to them. They knew that people needed their services, but also knew that no one was dying to walk into their shop.

The moral of the story is if you think your business is a magic pill to riches, its not. It might be, and you would call me a liar, but I'm pretty sure that at one time or another you had to sell yourself, your company and your services in order to compete and be successful.

A great site that recently caught my eye is YoungGoGetter.com. They specialize in just this! From their own words:

YGG began as a small forum back in August of 2005. It was originally created as an alternative to the other entrepreneur forums available at that time.

Since then, it’s grown into a large community of young go getters spread across the globe. It’s no longer just a forum. It’s exactly what our tagline says it is, the business playground for entrepreneurs young at heart.

So say what's up to my new friends at YGG, and if you need some great banners, street signs or anything printable, I know of a great start-up that would love to sell themselves to you!



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