Sunday, September 16, 2007

Damn That Steve Jobs: What Is So Powerful About Apple's Marketing and Why Do We (I) Fall For It?

So I did it. Said I wasn't going to, but I did. Told Jen, no matter what the Apple Genius told us, there was no way we were going to walk out of the store with a new iPod. Especially the new iPod Touch. No matter how "cool" it seems, no matter that the price is cheaper than an iPod of the past, no matter that I just shelled out some nice pennies for my Sidekick and renewed my T-Mobile contract for another 2 years. But I did it!

So what went wrong for me and right for Apple? Was it marketing? Was it the product? I mean it is the coolest thing since sliced bread, right? Was it price? Or was it that on a Sunday afternoon, in an over-crowded Apple store with people drooling over life's little luxuries, I couldn't resist being left out of the loop? I was sick of seeing people with iPhone's. I was tired of being an indie musician who is still holding onto the CD for dear life when everyone around me has converted! I wanted those damn "little white headphones", that those "cooler" than me know are just not cool anymore! I wanted to buy into the Apple life and I did, with a nice fat $300 deposit (yea went for the 8 gig but hey it's still the coolest thing since Transformers!).

So I got home, downloaded the newest version of iTunes and got rolling! WOW! Apple done did it again. This thing is incredible. But what I want to share is that even though the product delivers, with features, size, price and everything inbetween, that wasn't the major reason for my decision (even though it didn't hurt). I bought it because Apple has found a way for me to "buy into" an exclusive club. That is power! That is the power of Apple.

I found out about this exclusive club from the Marketing Guru who transformed the Apple you see today from the close to bankrupt Apple of pre-iPod days. He just put together a great little Marketing eBook, "Marketing Apple". Get your copy at

Well its time to get some more Tunes loaded on my new iPod Touch! Forget football, nah never that but it will be a multitasking afternoon.

Get ready for some great topics this week including reports from my first group of clients, my analysis of certain company's social media strategies, an exclusive look into PropertyQube and so much more.

I have added some great new links that look into Marketing, Branding and Social Media Strategies that are great reads and have very useful information not only for Rollett Marketing but for companies looking to get an edge on their competition in this changing and emerging social media generation!

Thanks again Steve for making me cool again, now my cycle is complete! iBook, iPod and well unapple but the Sidekick, truly a Millennial's daily necessities and essentials for survival!!



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