Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Rumor Alert: New iPod Announcement Tomorrow-Touch Screen Anyone?

Apple is expected to unveil its next-generation iPod lineup, including an iPod video with a touch-control interface, at a press conference on September 5, according to sources at Taiwan-based contract manufacturers.

The new iPod video will also come with a wide-screen panel, high storage capacity and Wi-Fi connectivity, the sources indicated. In addition, the new iPod video is expected to be powered by NAND flash, instead of a hard disk drive (HDD).

Apple is outsourcing the production of the new iPod video to Taiwan-based Inventec Appliances, which is expected to start volume shipments by the end of this month or in early October, the sources noted.

Apple's new products will also include a new iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle, to cash in on the upcoming Christmas season, stated the sources, who also noted that sales of the new iPod series is expected to total 22-23 million units in the fourth quarter of this year.

Could be craziness from the Mac camp tomorrow! We'll have to wait and see, but be sure to come back tomorrow for the full update and hopfully some product pictures of the new generation of iPods.

Gotta love it.

This information was provided by:DigiTimes.


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