Friday, September 7, 2007

Some Thoughts About Moving

I'm trying to make this relative to this blog but it's not coming to me today. At lunchtime I closed on a town home and will be filling the UHaul tomorrow. It has been a long, crazy and exhausting process that isn't even close to done yet. Paper work-check! New keys-check! New return address stickers-check!

The biggest thing that we have done to help expedite this process is use Craigslist. You know, the free online classifieds. We have gotten rid of our couch, dining room table, futons, coffee tables, records and more with some pictures and a few words. Now I did optimize the heck out of the postings and that truly helps, even in the Craigslist world.

My qualm is, don't call me about something only to say, "oh wait, I guess I'm not interested." You called me about my product or service!! Oh well. Just my 2 cents for the day.

Point in hand, optimize your postings and don't call me if you forgot why you called in the first place!


If you're in the neighborhood, grab a box and a beer and help the kid out!!


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