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G-Ro has a Talk With Endavo Media

I first got introduced to Endavo Media when Peter shot me an email offering their services as a compliment to my clients online video needs. We started to chat and things got interesting being that their company is based out of Orlando and Atlanta (we're in Orlando) and at the time I was heavily focused on band consulting and online promotion, something they were very aware and active of.

I thought the best way to get into their heads and see where they were coming from was to do a little old Q and A session. After a little lacking form my end (can't lie, right?) the interview is done and I must say that I got some much better than average response. Peter had the sense to take this session and run with it fro both himself and Endavo Media. I will say that I will be utilizing his services whenever possible and I encourage for you to drop them a line to see how they can help your video enhancement needs.

In the session we got into topics that range from how their company reigns supreme and separates itself from the YouTube’s and MyspaceTV’s of the world as well as the state of social media, mobile advertising and video and a forecast and possible ultimate demise of Myspace!

So check it out folks and be sure to visit Endavo for all of your social video needs.

G-Ro: Give me your best elevator pitch.

Peter: Well before the elevator door even closes, I’d tell a music artist:
If you have video content and an audience, we can give you everything you need to connect to them directly so you can make more money.

Hopefully, that should grab their attention so if the ride takes us a few floors, I’d hit them with:

Endavo Media allows music artists (and anybody who has content), the freedom to connect with their audience to grow their brand and generate revenue through our online video management, delivery and marketing system.

Of course, if it’s a longer ride to the top floor…

Endavo Media is rapidly establishing itself as a leader in the convergence revolution of digital communication and media technologies. We see ourselves as a provider of “freedom” to the entertainment & new media industry – “freedom to build and connect with your own audiences and communities and deliver your entertainment or information directly to your audiences anywhere, any way, anytime, and on your own terms”. We are a digital broadcast network and services company with a clear mission of providing comprehensive turnkey solutions for distributing digital entertainment & media directly to multiple consumer markets over the Internet and syndicated distribution channels, such as IPTV, Broadband TV and portable media. Our comprehensive solution delivers superior “managed” distribution power, for anything from home-grown video to commercial-grade TV channels, and everything else that’s needed to directly connect with audiences, manage assets and programming, and monetize those assets, without incurring the formerly typical costs of commercial network and systems operations.

G-Ro: At Rollett Marketing, we deal with local and indie bands and artists, as well as mom and pop operations and small businesses that are trying to get their ideas out through social media and networks. How can Endavo make its mark on this demographic?

Peter: The content owners you describe are in the sweet spot of our business of delivering entertainment through the new media and social networks over many different consumer devices. We not only work with established music artists like Lil Jon, but have a growing number of independent musicians and emerging bands that are using our video delivery solutions to build audiences and create hits. With us, it’s easy. You choose how best to reach your target audience and we’ll help you distribute your videos efficiently, provide a superior fan experience, and show you how to make money doing it.

G-Ro: Getting right into the meat, why would I choose you over say a free service like YouTube or Myspace TV?

Peter: Ah, we get that one all the time. The question is not whether the service is free or fee. The real question is “what is the best way for a music artist to connect with their audience?” We like YouTube and MySpace, but just posting a video on those sites doesn’t actually mean anybody is ever going to see it and certainly doesn’t mean you’ll make any money with it. That’s where we’re different. Sure, we can help artists connect to those networks and many others, but more importantly, we can drive fans back to the artist’s own website with innovative viral marketing tools. It’s all about broadening reach out there, but staying connected and in control of the music and the brand. Hey, for just $99 an artist or band can do all this with a custom branded MySpace video player that allows complete control of their media, links fans back to their website, and let’s them virally share the player for free on their own and their fans’ MySpace sites. All they do is easily publish their video files to our platform and our Media Management System will automatically convert the files into Flash format and deliver to as many MySpace players as they can get out there. Now, an artist can actually make money by promoting their events, sponsors, products using video or banner ads, even on MySpace. Check it out at

G-Ro: Video is without a doubt the next level of internet advertising, how is Endavo preparing for this shift in advertising budgets moving from print and television to online and online video?

Peter: Our solutions leverage this shift to the benefit of our customers and the advertisers greatly. From the very beginning, we have built our entire platform around the idea that video and online advertising will be a key success factor for us and our customers. Advertisers and content owners are able to match up within our back-end system to target a very specific audience or to broadcast to the masses. Content owners can search and associate a specific advertisement in inventory to a specific video being programmed for distribution, then distribute to a target audience. Moreover, the content owner can track views and report back to an advertiser exactly how many times an ad was viewed. The beauty of working with us is that music artists can share in this new advertising revenue by placing their own video ads and banners on any of the media players that we offer. Best of all, the artist can control if, when and where the ads actually appear, which is unlike the way it works on the “free” social video networks.

G-Ro: Where do you see Endavo in 5 years/10 years?

Peter: Within the next 5 years (sooner actually) we would like to be seen as one of the “go-to” companies for delivering the next-generation of Internet TV, IPTV and Mobile TV and Social Media services and content management and logistics services, all rolled up in a comprehensive solution supporting anyone from an individual artist to a major studio.

Five and ten year forecasts for a business can be a bit out there. As for me in ten years, I plan to be sitting on a rock somewhere thinking about my next career move. Who knows, maybe I’ll have experienced enough stuff from this whole Web 2.0 thing to write a good book by then.

G-Ro: Do you see the shift into mobile devices as something that Endavo will focus on in the future?

Peter: Absolutely… our customers are recognizing that increasingly consumers are accessing their personal entertainment over mobile devices and cell phones. Actually, right now you can watch our customers’ videos on the Creative ZEN portable media devices and we’re talking to several companies about mobile phone opportunities. Accessing and bundling content, GOOD content, on devices is a fast moving trend. Our goal is be “device-neutral” where we just route the media to wherever our customers want it to be displayed. To us, that’s a real competitive advantage. What music artist has time to deal with figuring out the different formats required for all the devices that are out there? That’s where we come in. We handle all the transcoding and routing for our customer so they can focus on their core business. And speaking of devices, Endavo Media offers an IPTV set-top-box solution to content producers, television channel owners and programmers seeking alternative television channel distribution.

G-Ro: We have been talking about your Myspace player being a big push for your company. Do you still see Myspace being relevant in the next 3-5 years?

Peter: Whether it’s MySpace, Facebook, or the next big social networking site is really not that important to us. What we all know is that these social network sites have forever changed the way music artists are marketed and music is distributed and marketed. What’s important to Endavo Media is that wherever our customer wants to be, that’s where we’ll be.

Once again we’d like to thank Peter for taking time out from his busy schedule to give us some insight into Endavo and his views on the state of the social media scene. To get started with Endavo Media today, please visit their website or shoot me an email to get your brand recognized by the online community with a Brand Recognition or Social Media Package. Have a good one folks!!

-g-Ro E-MaIL mE


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