Friday, September 14, 2007

What Does the Real Estate Slowdown Mean For Your Online Advertising?

Tech pundit Om Malik writes that the slowdown in the housing sector, and the greater uncertainty in the U.S. economy as a whole, is likely going to have an impact on advertising spending.

With this being said, how are you going to spend the dollars that you don’t have?

You are going to have to find ways to effectively brand yourself online utilizing cost effective solutions, right? Have you jumped on the Myspace train? Jumped ship to Facebook yet? Posted anything on Craigslsit? Started a blog (probably the best thing going)?

I am an active reader of FOREM, and they hit a lot of good topics on the head, thinking very forward about how you CAN capitalize during this slower time and economic downslide. Check them out for some tips and be ready to go where the kids are. Your kids are supposed to find the cool stuff first anyways, and then we come to the party and kick em all out. Just kidding there, but seriously, think about your options if money is coming in short.

There are avenues that can be taken to get that sale, that listing, that mortgage. People are still buying houses, I just did!

Have a good one folks!


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