Thursday, October 25, 2007

Moe's = Terrible Customer Service - Post Lunch Thoughts

(Read Pre-Lunch Moe's Post Here)

So we got to Moe's a few minutes after 12 to get in the back of a long line, many with cell phones in hands. Sweet, the free burrito thing is going down. Our turn to order, I flip out the Sidekick and show the Burrito making lady the text. Not only were they not accepting this virtual coupon but she had an attitude to boost. My group of 5 was very disappointed and apparently we weren't the only ones. We stayed. Sweet tea sucked. Chicken was cold. Staff was rude. Oh, and no FREE burritos.

Many people waited in the 10-15 minute line during rush (lunch) hour to get their free burrito and were told at the counter that it was a no go. Why? This franchise was not partaking.

So not only did they not counter this spark in customers but honoring the coupon, they couldn't even give out a free soda, chips or something else of small value. Worst of all they did it with an attitude.

So yea, you won't see me and my crew at Moe's anymore! Moe's boycott in full effect. Way to ruin a perfectly good promotion. To the Moe's that did honor the coupon I applaud you, but your franchisees need a swick kick in the ass and maybe a course in customer service 101. Moe's lost out in the opportunity to gain new REPEAT customers, you know the best kind.

So siyanara Moe's. Chipotle has cheaper and better food anyways!


(and no I won't even help you get your localized Twitter going, learn it your damn self)


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