Thursday, October 25, 2007

Viral Marketing With Moe's Southwest Grill - Pre Lunch

Well, last night was not my best choices in having a few (read: a lot) of beers. Now it was in celebration of a co-workers 50th birthday (which is quite awesome, because she rocks harder than most of my 20 something friends). Why is this important? I needed some greasy food for lunch today.

What happened next was, "Yo Greg text Moe's to 22700 and get a free burrito."


Now, in less than 10 minutes this message had been forwarded to my Sidekick phone book, my Twitter Tweets, Facebook profile and office IM. The outcome, a little lunch party at Moe's, all because of their little text message campaign.

I'm sure this isn't the first time they have done something like this, but I am certain that it isn't the last. The reply I received from Moe's was

Glad ur in the neighborhood. Stop by for ur free Moes Burrito. Simply show this text at the register. 4 future offers rply MOR

Brilliant! The fact that I can now reply with MOR and get more free burritos will ensure that I become a repeat customer.

I will do the post lunch wrap-up to see if anyone else there used this viral tactic as well as how the bill still added up with the free burrito.

(Do you think I can get them on Twitter? Seems like this would be right up there ally-I'm on it, business cards in hand)



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