Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Recap of AD2 Orlando's Future of Advertising Event

Just got home from AD2 Orlando's Future of Advertising at Citrus on Orange Ave in Downtown Orlando, pretty tired. But I want to get this out there and rehash some of the things I picked up and learned. Im going to go through this session by session. So here she goes.

Guerilla Marketing Session led by Forest Young of PUSH

-High respect + no love = brands (customers b/c we have to be)
-Low respect + high love = trends (newest movie, cd, etc)
-High respect + high love = lovemarks (Apple-brand ambassadors)

-Need disruption and cause a wow factor
-Hopscotch is the ultimate viral brand
-Have volunteers act as the promotion for the event (hand made signs and promo)
-Homemade grassroots signs and promo, hold rally, put campaign into action, celebrate the event that you are being a part of
-Thank you cards for volunteers. Make site with all the pictures of the volunteers, use internet to amplify th results
-Go to high visibility, trafficked and media driven sites
-Guerrilla works best with integrated forms of marketing and media
-Future is profits, profits, profits with minimal financial investments
-Sweat vs financial equity
-Do the right thing. Ethics vs intrusive
-Works best when amplified
-Future of advertising is now, what are people doing now?! Pay attention to current trends

Erik Hersmon from Zungu

-Social Web is who you are and what you do
-Unorganized and un-centralized, you have no control
-2 scenerios a) oh crap, what do we do? and b) how do I call attention to myself
-Story about Dell. Last year their customer service sucked and their customers let em know. 50% of conversations online about Dell were negative. They created 3 sites (blog, idea storm and forum). Now they are at about 23% negative, still not good but much improved!

1. Have a blog strategy
2. Leverage customers
3. Start conversations and start listening
4. More real PR and less advertising
5. Internal Champions


Challenges of deliver ability:
-Bounces on the rise
-Anti SPAM rules getting tougher
-Only send useful, relevant emails to people that ask for them

Stay current and competitive
-Double opt in and easy opt out
-Report SPAM link
-Send from dedicated IP address

Viral E-Mails
-Broadcast outlets multiplied
-Analytics are measurable
-Low cost
-Dynamic content
-List build


Problems with old billboards
-Turnaround times
-Production costs

-24 HR Turnaround
-No Production Costs
-Unlimited possibilities
-Unlimited color
-Basically a flat screen on the highway
-1250 Spotsper day per advertiser
-Target specific people at different times of the day
-Community dialog
-Only 13 markets now but they will be everywhere


-Tell me I'll forget, show me I may remember, involve me and I will understand!
-Consumers market-how do we connect with them?
-Much more competitive and crowded today
-Consumers are in control

-Bridges the disconnect between consumers and brands
-Persuades comsumers emotionally
-Every major brand has a experiential campaign
-Has become more than just impressions, we need to see ROI
-Impulse buying is based on emotion, this is where we try to hit them
-Creates a viral approach if done right

They wrapped the day up with some Q and A, a few beers and some great connections. Very excited for this event and it didn't disappoint. It's been a wild week already and shows no signs of slowing down. I'll post more thoughts on the event tomorrow. Till then, enjoy and feel free to steal my notes!



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