Thursday, November 1, 2007

SnoCap Waives Annual Fee

Indie artists who are using SnoCap on their Myspace profiles no longer have to worry about being charged the $30 annual fee that was initially waived at the start of the first year. This is great for artists to continue their relationship with SnoCap and new ones having less doubts about signing up. I actually like SnoCap, as you can set your own prices and add tracks instantly right out of the studio.

SnoCap has gained quite the following for non iTunes ready indie bands and even some bigger acts and major label side projects. The ease of use and immediacy makes it a worthwhile app for all unsigned bands to use.

I personally have not benefited from great sales, my iTunes checks still come more frequently, but when I release new music in the coming new year, I expect to sell almost exclusively on the digital front and expect SnoCap to catch a majority of my sales.

Cartfly is also a great one for bands. All Rollett Marketing artists are encouraged to set up accounts with these groups and utilize the power of mp3's and digital shopping carts to drive sales and fan base.



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