Saturday, March 29, 2008

BarCampOrlando - One Week Away

So stoked for BarCamp Orlando! After partaking at BarCamp Miami during the FOWA weekend I can say that I am now BarCamp ready. I plan on presenting something to do with the stte of the music business and how we (bloggers/social media kids) can make an impact on the future of music discovery, distribution and sales.

Just got word that Orlando's own IZEA is hosting an afterparty. Here is the flyer. Oh, and in case you are having trouble reading, it does say Open Bar!

IZEA BarCampOrlando After arty

For those looking to help promote the event, here is the official BarCampOrlando flyer.

BarCampOrlando '08

Oh and if IZEA gets a hold of this post, I would love to chat with you guys (possibly at the party) to learn about how you guys got in the door with Inflexion. They look like a great group and we would love to keep our business Florida based and funded!

Here's to BarCamp Orlando!


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