Friday, April 18, 2008

Music Blogging: No Beeter Time Than Now

Music and Artist BloggingI've been wildly busy and not too productive on this here ol blog this week. Luckily I have been experiencing some amazing live events and creating some great partnerships in the ol' real world.

2 great events you missed in Orlando:
Kap CD Release Show at Backbooth - awesome night for local hip-hop, plus not a bad CD to boot. Pick up your copy at his Myspace page via PayPal right now!

Rock For Hunger Spring Show - While Chris and the gang kept me up way past my bed time, it was very worthwhile and we raised a lot for money for a very cool cause. Stop on by the Rock For Hunger Blog for details on the show and how to get involved in the Orlando community.

So, in catching up with my feeds, I came across something so right up my ally I had to throw it on here. If you are a band that has thought about blogging and using Social Media jump on over to ProBlogger and read this post by Robert Bruce entitled, "27 Thoughts on Blogging for the Artist." Here are my fav's:

3. Social Media will not help you if you’re sending folks to sniff out a pile of crap.
6. If you’re spending more time on Twitter than on your novel/painting/film/poem/play/sculpture, you’re dead.
15. Though tempting, you’ll never crush your own mediocrity working only four hours a week.
17. You do not need the middleman anymore. Quit begging.
24. You no longer need to live in New York or Los Angeles.
27. Blogging is easy. Art is not.
There are plenty more and the list is a breath of fresh air this morning. Robert Bruce is a poet and Social Media guy from Portland, Oregon and is proof that using Social Media to compliment your talent and artistic vision can pay off with some persistence and consistency, as his weekly poetry series shows. Thanks Bruce.

Have a great Friday folks!

photo courtesy of zoethustra


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