Thursday, April 10, 2008

Myspace Records Part 2 - aka Tom the Genius

Myspace Records Kate Voegele
I took this screenshot yesterday in hopes of writing this post. Well, what could that be? Why its Kate Voegele and her Myspace single, "Only Fooling Myself." Tom, one of my friends, (wait, isn't he everyone's friend?) has shown up in my Friend Feed promoting the featured artist on Myspace Records.

I wrote about the possibilities of Social Networks, espicially Myspace, using their user base to their advantage in promoting artists on their label or music distribution platform. Here is another example of the power of aligning yourself in a Record Label platform that may work.

Plays of "Only Fooling Myself today (Thursday, April 10th) = 122499 as of this post (8:52 EST).

That's not a staggering number but does not take into account the plays from individual players on user profiles, plays from iPods from downloads and streams from Myspace Applications such as iLike and Last.FM. Not a bad days work for Mr. Tom Anderson.

One thing to note is the top banner on Kate's Myspace page promoting her album on Amazon and also iTunes for only $7.99. I wonder what happens when the Myspace Music Store opens?

Myspace Records using iTunes and Amazon to sell music

So folks, is this an abuse of power by using your Friend Feed for promotion or is it genius? Let me know.

-Greg Rollett

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