Friday, April 25, 2008

When Getting a Sale, Give an Experience

Every musician, filmmaker, marketer, salesperson and job seeker works feverishly on getting the sale. Selling your CD, movie, product or even yourself is what we work for, the reason we do what we (you) do what we (you) do. We love the satisfaction of a fan wanting or needing what we have to offer so bad that they are willing to shell out what’s left of their depleting and gas guzzling paycheck for our craft.

Generating the buzz for the sale is what us marketers live for. We want to get the people to your merch booth, into your store and waiting in your line.

What happens when these people get in your line, wait for you after the show or show up at your store only to be thrown out a product by some dude who doesn’t give a shit?

I’ll tell you what. They buy a CD from the opening band, grab that t-shirt from the store next door and look for the shorter line with the cuter, friendlier sales person.

A few examples of big releases recently have given users an ultimate buying experience.

Atmosphere: When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold

Atmosphere - When Life Gives You Lemons You paint that Shit Gold promotion
Minnesota’s golden rap duo released their first CD in 2 or so years. In a dying record industry, this is no big deal. But for fans who want that personal attention to detail and an ultimate buying experience, Slug and Ant delivered.

The How:

Free digital download of Strictly Leakage Mixtape
Paint it Gold YouTube Video Series
Exclusive and early downloads on iTunes
2 Physical Editions – a Deluxe and a Standard
Children’s Book written by Slug
Feature Article in XLR8r
And more! (my work firewall won't let me on YouTube or Myspace = Sad Clown for me)

The result:
When I bought the CD I felt I was part of something special. I got the ultimate buying experience that made record buying fun again. I felt as if I was part of the release, watching the videos, looking for clues to new tracks and release secrets.

While Sean Daly and Anthony Davis (in the Twin cities they act like we famous) won’t sell a million, nor is it their aim, they are well on their way to creating 1,000 super fans who will support them to the end.

Grand Theft Auto IV

Grand Theft Auto promotion
The Rockstar Games series is back and better than ever. To give fans the ultimate experience they have not only had a hand in the promotions, but retailers are trying to get gamers to buy from their stores vs. the competition by offering bonuses, freebies and incentives.

The How:

Released the trailer on March 29th and gamers said the game was not only going to deliver but exceed expectations
GameStop $10,000 Promotion for GTA IV
HMV announces pre-order promotion
YouTube GTA promotion contest
Wal-Mart’s Midnight Madness
GameStop Midnight Madness (for people with Pre-orders only)
Shyscraper billboards in L.A and N.Y
The Result:
Crazed gaming fans will get the game they want, have waited for and will be happy with the results. You feel like you are getting the ultimate experience by pre-ordering a limited edition launch and being part of a supportive community. Lots of sales, happy retailers and gaming nerds nationwide!

Question of the Day:

What products have recently launched that have made you excited and given you the total buying experience from service to quality product to follow through and customer service?

Greg Rollett


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