Wednesday, May 14, 2008

How To Go To College on a Shoe String

Not that the title has anything to do with Social Media or Music Marketing, but it fits somewhere in the Gen-Y / Millennial realm.

How To Go To College on a Shoe String is actually a new book from Atlantic Publishing that goes through the steps to finding loopholes in financial aid, how to find great paying scholarships, cheap books and more as you prepare and pack up for the 4-8 year trek known as college.

The best part of the book, my expert opinion is featured! You can find me chatting about how to overcome the most fearful interview question there is, "So, Tell me about yourself?"

Right now the book is only available online. Here is a non-affiliate link (although I can say that if I had one, I would use it :) ) to check out the book and grab it for yourself, a relative, sibling or friend that is gearing up for the debt hole that is college. (here is Dorie Morgan chatting about the waste that college is?)

Anyway, it's cool being published and the book looks great. Thanks to Ann Falin for getting in touch and letting me be a part of this experience.

-Greg Rollett


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