Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Managing Millennials in the Workforce

Came across this great series from BNet about the Millennial Generation (hat tip to Millennial Leaders Blog). If you are a company looking to hire Gen-Y, want to know what Gen-Y is, and why we hang on Twitter, check out this series.

Highlights include:

  • 27% of Millennials want to rock sneakers and jeans to work (count me in, some Nike SB's and Abercrombie in the office would be sweet)
  • “They won’t do something just because you say, ‘I’m the manager,’”
  • “On the other hand, they’ll work hard for someone who truly mentors them.”
  • Millennials were the first generation to grow up with soccer moms, doting dads, and trophies for participation. (I do not like the last point, when I was 5 and playing t-ball, we won and lost and still had fun, you need to learn competition and pain at some point - or just be good at what you do and win the Tamarac Little League 10 years straight!)
I encourage you to read the whole series and add your comments and debate on this topic.

I am proud to say that as a member of this demographic and generation, everything that has even been reported on Gen-Y is just that, a report, a generalized summary. What we do everyday in our jobs, personal lives and aspiring to our dreams is what is going to define us, not a report that didn't talk to everyone in my generation, or study different geographic regions (including International) as well as those that do not communicate with Twitter, Myspace or FriendFeed.

Stand up for yourself, not your generation! End rant thing.

-Greg Rollett

P.S. Is this me or what?


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