Friday, May 9, 2008

What Our Office Has Done For Business

Downtown OrlandoWe’ve been in our office for about 4 months now. Residing in Downtown Orlando has been the biggest blessing for all of my projects. It’s not so much that I spend 24/7 at the office, waking up at dusk at my desk and making things happen around the clock. I still work a 9-5, so my hours are always after the close of business. Even with lack of my physical presence there, it has been the single greatest investment for me and all my crazy endeavors, Rollett Marketing, Endagon, jamblr, SkatterBand and Rock For Hunger.

Why is this?

1. Creates a more professional appearance. Saying, stop by the office, or meet us in the conference room, is a great way to tell clients that you are very professional about your work. Imagine me telling some of my larger folks, yea stop by the town home, watch out for the dog and sorry we forgot to do dishes so stay out of the kitchen.
2. Makes you look and appear larger than you are. For all the clients that we do have (and I love you all), I still consider us to be a small start-up with major room to grow. Having an office in the center of commerce, makes companies think you have it going on, even in our early stages.
3. Gives me confidence. I feel like I am apart of something great and huge. I can shoot the shit with execs and CEO’s and feel like I am apart of their culture. I want to be at the level where my voice is strong both online and in the community and confidence is key!
4. Central location for all team members, volunteers, employees, etc. Having everyone meet at “our office” is a great way to get everyone organized and in the same place moving towards the same goal. We can have all our materials, training sessions and idea times together, in person, in “our home.”
5. Team building. Being in the office with my partners and employees has brought us closer together(not quite showering close like the Office Newb says). We are not only learning how to start and build companies, websites and start-ups, but we are learning to cultivate relationships that extend beyond working hours. Being in this situation, where they are right next to you all day, you find things that normally wouldn’t show up over a beer at a bar, or on a conference call. Plus the creativity level is at an all time high!

The added expense of being located downtown has been a sore subject and honestly, there were some tough decisions I had to make as a friend and a business leader. When the dust had settled, we are becoming stronger and more focused than ever.

Three months ago if you had asked me what I would be doing, I damn sure wouldn’t have said this. It’s crazy how things work out for the best and by taking chances and risks you open up closed doors to opportunities.

We are closing in on 2 months left in our initial lease and already thinking of the possibilities of moving into a warehouse setting where we can get everyone from all the ventures working and breathing in the same space. This would be ideal:

Warehouse Office | The future for Rollett Marketing
For now, I’ll just enjoy the view and atmosphere of being in one of the coolest buildings in Orlando! 118 E. Jefferson St.

-Greg Rollett

photos by: Jordi Gomara (itaca2000) and jonathanpoh


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