Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Track Star Tuesdays | No More Kings

No Mre Kings - Astonish RecordsIn the 3rd weekly installment of Track Star Tuesdays, we have L.A. based indie band No More Kings. This band is about to head out on a really cool summer tour and they have an incredible album to help them create revenue.

No More Kings Official Site

No More Kings on Myspace

No More Kings - Astonish Records Store

In typical Track Star Tuesdays fashion, here is the Good and the Bad:

The Good
Great Mysapce – killer design plus its easy to read, very clean and has all merch, calls to action, street team, videos,

Love the Fan of the Week – brings the fans that much closer to the band – should integrate that into main site as well

Own Google 1st page for the search for “No More Kings”

Digital Distribution is on point – iTunes, Amazon, etc

Great Facebook page

The Bad
Not utilizing their blog – not even sure of the purpose of the blog (although they do use their blog on Myspace and get good conversations brewing – move that to a private site to start tracking traffic)

Site is built entirely in flash – alienating slower computers and losing SEO points (not too big a deal)

No ads on site – not a bad thing but a lost revenue stream

My 2 Cents
Watch the Track Star Tuesdays video below to find out!

Who do you want to see next week? let me know and we can make it happen!


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