Friday, July 18, 2008

Proof that Pandora is Killing Clear Channel

From AdWeek:

As of July 14, the company had registered 180,000 new users, and more than 200,000 new stations had been created on the iPhone. Pandora executives claim that the company has attracted a new iPhone listener every two seconds since the launch, with most users listening for close to an hour per day.

When is the last time Clear Channel had any excitement like that?

What kind of data is Pandora collecting to make their stations better?
Type of Artists
If songs are liked or disliked
Popular artists and playlists
I'm sure many more

What kind of data is Clear Channel collecting to make their stations better?
Whatever their corporate headquarters and advertisers give them.

Who is going to win long term?
Yes, it is that obvious.

I am picking up my iPhone today at 5, as soon as I get off work and the 1st app being installed will be the last time I make an attempt to listen to a Clear Channel station. Sorry to be so blunt, but they just don't matter anymore.

(BTW - My co-worker, who happens to be 50 said the same thing. She is going to get an iPhone for the sole purpose of getting radio how she wants it and being able to listen to the music she wants, when she wants!)

-Greg Rollett


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