Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Can Clear Channel Be Cool?

Clear Channel is too slow to matter anymorephoto by kevincrumbs

Radio is dying. There is more and more syndication of shows and the localization is going right out the window. Here in Orlando we have CBS Radio and Clear Channel and they both pretty much suck if you want to hear ground breaking music.

Honestly the satellite radios are not any better. The music might be hot and fresh and there are more genres and channels, but still, it's not what we want in an iPod generation.

In order for these Clear Channel, Cox or CBS's to matter again, they need to give the users what they want, when they want it. I am not talking about calling in a request. I mean on-demand.

Here's the big ideas:
Pandora for iPhoneThe iPhone can pretty much make both traditional radio and XM Radio obsolete. How? Easy, Pandora and 3G. Last.FM and 3G. When iMeem launches their iPhone App, forget about it. Clear Channel needs to be right up their backside developing an application that users can take where they want and listen to the music, news, talk that they want at anytime and any place. All your major shows are syndicated anyway, store em online, throw in a few advertisements and let the user go get em.

Create synergy between the community, your station and the online world. When having your big concerts, get local. EDBD does this with a Battle of the Bands but it does so on a 2nd rate stage in front of the hot dog stands. Get the community involved. Once you have them involved make them be a part of your brand and allow them to share that involvement with their friends, co-workers, etc. Then the idea is to get your online strategy to sync up with the community aspect. In today's world you cannot have one without the other.

Let your advertising sync between everything that you do. It will make the advertiser happy and the message just may get across to the viewer/listener. Create a total advertising package.

I dunno, these were just some thoughts I had today. Tomorrow I hopefully pick up my iPhone and one of the 1st Apps I'm grabbing is Pandora.

What do you think? Can radio even compete with these new cutting edge companies? Can Clear Channel become cool again and break out of their corporate b/s? The more I think about it, the answer is no. They move too slow.

Let the local markets do it themselves. Interesting. Can radio be local again? That's another topic in itself.

Come on, join in the radio conversation. I'd love to hear from ya!

-Greg Rollett


Anonymous January 29, 2009 at 5:30 PM  

haha..speaking of slow. One PD just hit me up to help with Social Media. I had to look and see when you dated this blog!!!

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