Monday, August 4, 2008

Weekend Results - Why 2 Out of 3 Aint Bad

Weekend ChallengeOn Friday I set forth a challenge to myself along with any of my readers who wanted to get down and start living outside the box.

I did this to begin breaking out of my shell that
a) keeps me in front of a computer for too long and
b) to start seeing and experiencing the rest of the world.

My life is by no means bland and I think I do a great job of living beyond my MacBook and Twitter updates (although now that I signed my wife up, she isn't so sure). Below are the results of my experiment.

1. Meet someone important. This was a great accomplishment for me as I not only got to meet Tom O'Brien from the 97 Country morning show, but I also got to announce the winner of our Driver Job Fair's Best in Show, Live on the Air! Pretty sweet. I left with a business card and plans to work on future events with the company.

2. Find a great song. Well, I had an advantage on this one as I was covering Project Revolution in Tampa for SkatterBand. I will say that I was impressed with the Bravery and immediately went into iTunes and picked up their latest release.

The Bravery3. Come up with an idea. This was something that I presented to my wife. I wanted her to come up with an idea. Not necessarily one that would make any money or one that would involve actually completing, but one that would get her thinking. My friends know that I have an idea every 2 seconds and they have learned to tell me to STFU when I need to.

But then the funny thing happened.
I really didn't come up with any great ideas this weekend. Maybe my great idea was the formation of this internal challenge and I over thought it. Or maybe I am finally zeroing in on the things that I need to do to succeed and crossing out all the crap and clutter that was taking away my time.

Being a 9-5er and being a major player in more than a handful of start-ups has been really taxing. That in itself is living outside the box. Some days I wish I could hit the couch and check out some Friends repeats. Milenia Thomas, a fellow Brazen blogger, pointed out that she hates relaxing.

How ironic, because my wife says the same thing about me, yet I am reading the 4 Hour Work Week to learn how to get more time to relax. Or maybe its to get more time to explore and live.

So, 2 out of 3 ain't that bad.
The weekend was kick ass. This week is going to rock and Lee, we are going to get Creating Magic on the Best Seller List.

Cheers to a kick ass week! Let's make something happen.

-Greg Rollett


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