Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Digital Music Generation Panel at Atlantis

I wanted to throw up a quick post tonight and show the success from the event today and also provide some of the links that I tossed out today on stage. I think the panel went great and everyone had something to say that could impact what the musicians in the crowd were doing today! I hope it was helpful at least.

Artist Data - send your shows everywhere
TubeMogul - Video Distribution
Google Analytics - Website stats
Statcounter - Website stats
Band Metrics - Music metrics (closed Alpha, sign up now!)
Blogger - free blogging platform and - free and open source blogging platforms
AdSense - make some pennies for placing ads on your site
Grooveshark - next generation music streaming and discovery site

If I missed anything, let me know in the comments and I'll hook it up. Very great meeting so many artists and music business professionals.

And now some pics!

The crowd from the stage

The panelists (most of whom are not paying much attention)

Public Enemy at the Red Bull Panel
Chuck D and Public Enemy at Atlantis Music Conference in Atlanta, GAMore wrap up coverage of Atlantis coming tomorrow, including 1 artists amazing promotion that I am even astounded by and some video from Chuck Dizzle and myself on Center Stage (2 different videos unfortunately). To all the bands I met today, kick ass in your showcase and create some magic with your fans!

-Greg Rollett


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